Randall Bragg
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Randall Bragg (Character)
from Appaloosa (2008)

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Appaloosa (2008)
Randall Bragg: I told you you'd never hang me, Cole.
Virgil Cole: Never ain't here yet.

Randall Bragg: Mr. Everett Hitch. You a drinking man, Everett?
Virgil Cole: Not so much.
Randall Bragg: Hard to like a man who doesn't drink a little.
Virgil Cole: But not impossible.

[first lines]
Marshall Jack Bell: [arriving on horse] Randall, I'm afraid I gotta take two of your boys back into town with me.
Randall Bragg: [standing with his gang] You're outside your jurisdiction, marshal. And you're trespassing on my land.
Marshall Jack Bell: They murdered that fellow from Chicago, and then they raped and killed his wife. I'm taking 'em in.
Randall Bragg: No. I can't spare them.
Marshall Jack Bell: [after a long survey of Bragg's men] Them two on the end. Cut them out.
Marshall Jack Bell: [then to his balking man] Do like I tell you.
Randall Bragg: [as soon as his deputy makes a move, he shoots each law man off his horse]

Virgil Cole: There's a set of bylaws posted right outside the door here of this very saloon. Your boys do like the bylaws say, everything will be muy bueno.
Randall Bragg: And if they don't?
Virgil Cole: I arrest them.
Randall Bragg: And if they don't go along?
Virgil Cole: I shoot them. Or Mr. Hitch does. That's the law.
Randall Bragg: *Your* law.
Virgil Cole: The same thing.
Randall Bragg: Hm. Maybe you aren't good enough. Don't be so sure you're quicker than me.
Virgil Cole: So far I've been quick enough.

Randall Bragg: You'll never hang me, Cole.
Virgil Cole: Never's a long time, Mr. Bragg.