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Barry Robinson (Character)
from "American Dad!" (2005)

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"American Dad!: With Friends Like Steve's (#1.22)" (2006)
Evil Barry: Yes, Francine's first on my list. My list to kill! My name is Barry.

Barry: Thanks for driving me home, Mr. Smith. We're going faster than people.
Stan Smith: Quiet, fatty fat-fat fatty!

Barry: Hey, Steve. Somebody left this on your front porch.
[gives Steve the doormat]
Stan Smith: Great, it's the fat one.
Steve Smith: That's a doormat, Barry.
Barry: Who's Matt Barry?
Stan Smith: God, I hate you so much!
Steve Smith: Mom, can Barry stay for dinner?
Francine Smith: If it's okay with his parents.
Barry: Oh, they won't care. They never care.
Stan Smith: Good people. My kind of people.
[Barry's watch beeps]
Barry: Oh, time to take my vitamin. May I have a glass of water?
Stan Smith: Fatty can use the garden hose!

[Barry's watch beeps]
Barry: Time for my vitamin!
[Realizes he ran out of them]
Barry: I should run home and get more.
Stan Smith: You don't need those. Your little candy pills won't make you live forever, will they?
Stan Smith: Will they?

Barry: [after farting on Steve who he orders to sleep under his own bed] That should be with you momentarily.

"American Dad!: Escape from Pearl Bailey (#4.5)" (2008)
Barry Robinson: [about Steve and Debbie making out] They're making puberty.

Barry Robinson: [during his birthday party] This is the worst Christmas ever.

Snot Lonstein: [to Steve after Debbie dumps him] You know what? You're better off without her. She's not fit enough to recalibrate your tricorder.
Barry Robinson: Or fit enough to wear people clothes.
Steve Smith: That's the same lame joke from the Web page.
Barry Robinson: I mean I'm Barry.

Steve Smith: We need to get to that door, but how? The stage is lousy with drama geeks.
Barry Robinson: Actors killed Lincoln!

"American Dad!: A Piñata Named Desire (#6.11)" (2011)
Steve Smith, Snot Lonstein, Barry Robinson, Toshi Yoshida: We all had a black friend!

Steve Smith: I don't know. Pepperoni doesn't seem like a last sleepover pizza. You know, because pepperoni starts out as one stick and then you have cut it all up. I fear it sends a message of separation more than unity.
Snot Lonstein: You're killing me!
Steve Smith: Don't bite my head off!
Barry Robinson: Yeah, don't bite his head off!
Snot Lonstein: Shut up, Barry! You're just going to eat all the pizza anyway.
Barry Robinson: Hey, don't lob factual statements at me as if they're insults!

Barry Robinson: The all is lost moment!

"American Dad!: All About Steve (#1.10)" (2005)
Barry: [pulling his eyes to make them slanted] I'm Sulu.
Toshi: [translated] Laugh now, the next century belongs to us.

Barry: Look, Mr. Smith, your stress zits are going away. Yay!
Stanley Smith: Oh, God, I want to hit you!

"American Dad!: Jenny Fromdabloc (#6.16)" (2011)
Steve Smith: [In a flashback scene where Steve and his friends are young kids]
[to Snot]
Steve Smith: Hey, you shouldn't be worrying about girls for another ten years. You should be worrying about blocks and making pee-pee on the potty. Girls, this guy's worried about!
Snot Lonstein: You're right, Steve. You're always right.
Barry Robinson: Interesting how we've developed such a sophisticated hierarchy at this young age.
Steve Smith: Shut up, Barry.
Barry Robinson: I'm at the bottom.

Barry Robinson: Hey, what are we supposed to do?
Steve Smith: Well, I guess we could...
Barry Robinson: Not you, virgin!

"American Dad!: You Debt Your Life (#6.12)" (2011)
Snot: We had to do it, Steve... you were out of control.
Barry: Like my cholesterol!

"American Dad!: Daddy Queerest (#4.19)" (2009)
Snot Lonstein: Dudes! Vince Chung's throwing a bonfire beneath the water tower tomorrow night and get this: anyone can come as long as they bring booze or girls!
Barry: My sister's a girl!
Snot Lonstein: Yeah, but they have to be prettier than Leelee Sobieski.

"American Dad!: When a Stan Loves a Woman (#2.16)" (2007)
Snot Lonstein: Hey, Steve. It's Thursday night, which means it's time to tease some pedophiles on the Internet.
Barry Robinson: An insurance salesman in Ohio wants to fly me to Disneyland.

"American Dad!: Finances with Wolves (#1.18)" (2006)
Steve Smith: Are guys really think, I'm a werewolf.
[as Snot ties his hands behind his back with rope]
Snot: Well we can't take any chances, there's a full moon tonight.
[Barry and Toshi then hold up a gag and kimono]
Steve Smith: Wait a minute, I understand the rope. But what's the deal with the gag and kimono?
Barry: I don't know, but I walk into my parents, once and they were using all three.
Steve Smith: But there's no way I'm...
[Barry shoves gag into Steve's mouth]
[Boys stare at Barry shocked]
Barry: That's what my mom says to my dad.