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Countess (Character)
from Once Bitten (1985)

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Once Bitten (1985)
Countess: Hello, tall, dark and handsome.
Mark Kendall: Me?

Countess: I haven't had anything this pure since the Vienna Boys' Choir hit town.

Countess: How many days left till Halloween, Sebastian?
Sebastian: Oh, a little more than a week, Countess. I told you not to worry.
Countess: Not to worry? How amusing. But then you're not the one who needs to have the virgin blood of a young man not once, but three times before All Hallows Eve. Not to worry? Being a vampire in the 20th century is a nightmare!
Sebastian: Did we get up on the wrong side of the coffin this evening?

Mark Kendall: Are you a prostitute?
Countess: I'm whatever you want me to be.
Mark Kendall: Good! 'Cause I only have five dollars!

Countess: Wait! I have to replace every door you people smash. Can't you at least try the knob first?
Sebastian: [Vampire in front tries the knob and it opens easily] Jocks.

Robin Pierce: [emerging from a coffin, smirking] You're too late.
Countess: You couldn't have! You've been in there for less than a minute.
[Mark emerges from the coffin smirking]
Countess: [dejectedly] You could've...
[raises an eyebrow]
Countess: ...but you didn't have time to enjoy it.