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Quotes for
Doyle (Character)
from The Mask (1994)

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The Mask (1994)
Doyle: Really big sunglasses.
Park Policeman: Bike horn.
Doyle: Small mouth bass
Park Policeman: Bowling Pin
Doyle: [Yells in pain] Mouse Trap.
Park Policeman: Rubber Chicken.
Mask: A little to the left... that's it.
Doyle: [squeezes a stress releaver toy a few times] mmmm, I don't know. Funny eyeball glasses?
Mask: I've never seen those before in my life.
Park Policeman: Bazooka?
Mask: I have a permit for that.
Doyle: [going through The Mask's pocket] Picture of Kellaway's wife.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: What?
Mask: Uh-oh.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Margaret! You son-of-a-bitch!
Mask: Geez I thought you would have a sense of humor. After all - you married her!
[slaps both Kellaway and Doyle in the face repeatedly]
Mask: That's gotta hurt.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Get'em!
[looks down to see his and Doyles wristes are handcuffed to eachother]
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Doyle!

Doyle: You got any pickle relish?
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Doyle, get in the car.
Doyle: But I ordered onion rings.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Doyle!

Mayor Mitchell Tilton: I want to see you in my office first thing tomorrow morning.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: Yes, your honor.
Doyle: That doesn't sound good at all.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: [Sarcastically] No, it doesn't sound good. What would sound good to you?
Doyle: Breakfast!
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: SHUT UP!

Doyle: I missed 'em.
Lieutenant Mitch Kellaway: C'mon... we all missed 'em.