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Ben Sheets (Character)
from Ben & Arthur (2002)

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Ben & Arthur (2002)
Ben Sheets: Tammy - I'm gay! I've already told you that!
Tammy Sheets: Ben - I'll be gay too, and then that'll make it all right for us to get married again, huh?
Ben Sheets: You are not making any sense!
Tammy Sheets: Hey! I don't make sense? You don't make sense! I make sense, that's who makes sense!

Priest: May I have the rings?
Ben Sheets: [Both Ben and Arthur feel inside their coat pockets] I don't have the rings. Do you have the rings?
Arthur Sailes: No, no. No, I don't have the rings.
Priest: May I please have the rings?
Arthur Sailes: Ah, geee...
Ben Sheets: I don't have, I don't have a ring. Can we do this without a ring?

Ben Sheets: Arthur! Our bike is gone!
Arthur Sailes: What? You locked it up, didn't you?
Ben Sheets: I asked you to lock it up for me last time, remember?
Arthur Sailes: Well - I thought I locked it up.
Ben Sheets: [shouts] Damn it, Arthur! I need to know that I can count on you!

Ben Sheets: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and blow up like that.
Arthur Sailes: You did, Ben. You hurt me, you know that? You. Hurt me. And another thing I never told you. Do you remember the day we went to that restaurant to celebrate when you came out of the closet?
Ben Sheets: Yeah.
Arthur Sailes: What did you say?
Ben Sheets: What're you talking about?
Arthur Sailes: What did you say when I grabbed your hand and I kissed you on the cheek when we were walking out?
Ben Sheets: I don't know.
Arthur Sailes: You pulled your hand out of mine - you turned your head, and you said "Not here!"
Ben Sheets: I never said that.
Arthur Sailes: Oh, you did, Ben. You most certainly did. And my heart, my stomach - I mean, my liver, everything - it just fell right out onto the floor!
Ben Sheets: Well, you know, if it bothered you so much, and you felt so strongly about it - why didn't you say something then?
Arthur Sailes: And - and say what? "Why don't you come out of the closet?"
Ben Sheets: I'm sorry.
Ben Sheets: What am I supposed to say?
Arthur Sailes: [scoffs] Well, you know, Ben, if I ever get killed, maybe you can take that insurance money and just go ahead and buy a hundred bikes!
Ben Sheets: [punches Arthur in the face]
Arthur Sailes: Ohhh...

Victor Sailes: Look at you! What are you? A gay man! You know what? I'm never gonna have any nieces or nephews! Ever! 'Cause you know what? You're so fucked up! You know that!
Arthur Sailes: You... fuck! How dare you talk to your brother like that. You want nieces and nephews? Well, I got news for you, buddy. You don't even know how to be a brother! What kind of uncle do you think you'd make?
Victor Sailes: I resent that!
Arthur Sailes: You care more about some man named Jesus, that you never even met before, than your own family!
Ben Sheets: We're leaving.
Arthur Sailes: We're leaving.
Ben Sheets: Let's go.
Arthur Sailes: Let's go.
Victor Sailes: I'm gonna pray for you, and I'm gonna pray for you!
Arthur Sailes: We don't need prayed for. You need prayed for.

[first lines]
Arthur Sailes: Hello?
Ben Sheets: Arthur, did you find out yet?
Arthur Sailes: No, I didn't find out. The TV just broke, I've been down here taking a nap.
Ben Sheets: Forget the stupid TV! Try the radio, maybe it being broadcast over the radio.
Arthur Sailes: Okay, let me get out of bed... All right... Hey Ben, I'm losing you, I think your cellphone is dying.
Ben Sheets: Arthur? Arthur? Arthur, my battery is low, I'm losing you.
Arthur Sailes: Hello? Hello?
Radio: [Arthur turns on the radio] Today's latest news: it's been a long battle here in Hawaii, the public has long awaited the final decision of the court of Hawaii and the courts have voted yes. Homosexuals DO have a right to get married. Judge Kevin Chang's ruling has made history in this country.

Tammy Sheets: Hey, I didn't force you to fucking marry me.
Ben Sheets: I thought that it would change...
Tammy Sheets: Oh shut the fuck up, I'm fucking getting out of here! Fuck you!

Arthur Sailes: You know, I'm thinking about going back to college. I'm thinking about getting a degree in business.
Ben Sheets: Really?
Arthur Sailes: Yup. I'm thinking about opening up my own little porno shop.
Ben Sheets: Well, no shit!
Ben Sheets: Well that's cool if that's what you want to do, it's good to have some goals.

Arthur Sailes: You like some more?
Customer: Yes please.
Arthur Sailes: You okay?
Ben Sheets: Yeah.
Arthur Sailes: DO YOU WANT MORE?
Mildread: Yes.

Attorney: According to the legal documents I have here, it states that the proposition 22 is only a marriage between a man and a woman, and that will be recognized by California. However, what you two have is not a marriage but a civil union, which nonetheless is equivalent to that of a marriage. You still bear the rights that married couples do. So, the civil union license that you have from Vermont must be recognized here in California.
Ben Sheets: So if it's law here, why do we have to go to court?
Attorney: Because it's all a matter of values and principles that all gays deserve the same rights as anyone else.

Arthur Sailes: I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you and blow up like that.
Ben Sheets: Well you did, Ben. You hurt me, you know? You. Hurt Me.