Kimberly MacIntyre
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Kimberly MacIntyre (Character)
from "90210" (2008)

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"90210: Hollywood Forever (#1.7)" (2008)
Kimberly MacIntyre: I'm Kim, I'm from Las Vegas. I wear size 8 shoes, I have three piercings, but I won't say where, and I like tacos.
Ryan Matthews: Great, I also like tacos. Welcome to the school.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Any piercings?
Ryan Matthews: [to the class] Moving on.

Annie Wilson: [to Kimberly] Hey, can I just say that I was the new girl up until right now, so I totally know how you feel.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Well, I guess you weren't very good at it 'cause now I got the job.
Ryan Matthews: That's cute.

Ryan Matthews: [to Kimberly] You wanna tell us a little something about yourself, Kimberly?
Kimberly MacIntyre: Well, why don't you just take whatever the old new girl said about herself and just make it better.
Ryan Matthews: Well, that's tough because the old new girl is from Kansas and it just doesn't get any better than that.
Annie Wilson: There's no place like home.

Kimberly MacIntyre: [to Ryan] I hear this is where the party's at.
Ryan Matthews: That's right, so can sit down and pour yourself a tall glass of "shut up" and "don't speak" for the next hour.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Does that come in diet? 'Cause I'm kind of watching my figure.
Ryan Matthews: And that ends the conversation portion of this detention.

Ryan Matthews: [to Kimberly] Listen, I don't want to assume anything here, but I've been through this with students before, so if you're having any kind of feelings. I'm your teacher, you're my student, and I'm a lot older than you. I mean, I'm not a lot...
Kimberly MacIntyre: Dude, chill. I just didn't want you to catch her stupidity. I heard it's contagious and I hope you didn't think I had a crush on you, because... gross.

Kimberly MacIntyre: [to Ryan] Do you have a girlfriend?
Ryan Matthews: [laughs] That's none of your business.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Are you gay? You seem gay.
Ryan Matthews: Yeah, about as gay as your dad.
Kimberly MacIntyre: My dad's dead.
Ryan Matthews: Hm. Well, I think your dad's about as dead as I am gay.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Touché.

"90210: Games People Play (#1.10)" (2008)
Ryan Matthews: [on the phone with Kimberly] I really didn't think it was going to turn out like this. I mean, I didn't... I didn't think. Maybe I deserve it.
Kimberly MacIntyre: No, you don't.
Ryan Matthews: In a moment of extreme masochism, I decided to read Silver's blog. You wanna know the worst part, beside from the grammar? These kids, they think I'm a sleazeball. They really do.

"90210: There's No Place Like Homecoming (#1.8)" (2008)
[Ryan caught Kimberly buying drugs at homecoming]
Harry Wilson: I will take these.
Ryan Matthews: And?
Harry Wilson: Take care of it.
Ryan Matthews: That's it?
Harry Wilson: And you can go now.
Ryan Matthews: No, I'm not going anywhere until you tell me exactly what is gonna happen, okay? She comes into my classroom...
Harry Wilson: [interrupting] Ryan, I told you before to stay out of this.
Ryan Matthews: Yeah, and maybe that's why the problem's getting worse, Harry.
Harry Wilson: I got it covered.
Ryan Matthews: Really? You have it covered? That's why there's dogs running around, sniffing lockers at school. And you busted the wrong kid, and now you've got kids buying drugs at dances, okay?
Harry Wilson: Can you please keep your voice down?
Ryan Matthews: No, I'm not going to keep my voice down, all right? I'm tired of this crap. You don't know how to deal with these kids, and you don't know how to protect them, and I'm going to the board. 'Cause you don't know what you're doing. Okay? And if they don't listen, I'm going to the L.A. Times.
Kimberly MacIntyre: Oh, for God's sakes. I'm a cop, you dumbass.
Ryan Matthews: [pause] What?