Abigail Lytar
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Abigail Lytar (Character)
from "Psych" (2006)

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"Psych: Bollywood Homicide (#4.6)" (2009)
Shawn Spencer: [re: the spicy food] Really, you're just fine?
Abigail Lytar: I taught English to children in Mumbai for a month. This is very authentic. What's the matter, Shawn, you don't like it?
Shawn Spencer: No, no, I think I like it too much. It's so authentic.
[Crying slightly from the spice. To Gus]
Shawn Spencer: Dude, I can't see anything out of my left eye.
Burton Guster: I see dead people.
Shawn Spencer: [Both drink some water] My god, even the water's spicy.
Burton Guster: Who does that?

Abigail Lytar: So you came here to help Raj.
Shawn Spencer: Yes.
Abigail Lytar: And instead you got his brother arrested.
Shawn Spencer: That's correct.
Abigail Lytar: Business as usual?
Shawn Spencer: It's a process.

Carlton Lassiter: [after Shawn saves Juliet] What'd I miss?
Shawn Spencer: Not me getting slapped in the face.
Burton Guster: By a girl.
Abigail Lytar: Cause that didn't happen.

Shawn Spencer: I got a wedding invitation from Raj and Mina.
Abigail Lytar: Yeah?
Shawn Spencer: Yeah. It feels good, you know, bringing people together, watching them sail off into the sunset, giving a good guy the ol' "Happily Ever After." I felt for Raj. End of the day, we had a great deal in common.
Abigail Lytar: You gonna go?
Shawn Spencer: Nah. I barely knew that dude.

Abigail Lytar: Well, color me impressed.
Shawn Spencer: I'd rather color you with a variety of edible body paints.
Abigail Lytar: Duly noted.
Shawn Spencer: Besides, it wasn't that impressive. I solve a case every week and usually one around Christmas.

Carlton Lassiter: I'm really sorry, Spencer, I can't play with you today. I'm about to go solve another case and do it in record time.
[to Abigail]
Carlton Lassiter: Hello.
Shawn Spencer: It is at this point that I must decide which part of that very bold statement to riff off of. Now, I can hone in on "another", which implies that he's solved more than one.
Abigail Lytar: That's pretty easy, though.
Shawn Spencer: Or I crack down on "record time" in posit that, for him, record time is, like, two and a half years.
Abigail Lytar: Good, not great.
Shawn Spencer: You drive a hard bargain.
Abigail Lytar: You love it.
Carlton Lassiter: I know! Why don't you go home and wait for me not to call you?
Shawn Spencer: He's just saying that so it'll be more dramatic later on when he has to ask for my help.
Abigail Lytar: More dramatic for who?
Shawn Spencer: I don't know.
[points to a random officer behind him]
Shawn Spencer: That guy, I guess.

"Psych: Murder?... Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller? (#3.2)" (2008)
Shawn Spencer: Abigail Lytar.
Abigail Lytar: [turns, sees Shawn's picture name tag] Judd Nelson.
Shawn Spencer: In the flesh.
Abigail Lytar: I loved you in, um..."From the Hip"?
Shawn Spencer: Thank you very much. You know, there are those who believe I flared my nostrils too much in that film.
Abigail Lytar: Oh, no. I mean, how else could we have possibly known how angst-ridden you were?

Shawn Spencer: Assuming that Parker Stevenson had never been born... have you ever seen a very attractive man solve a crime before?
Abigail Lytar: [thinks] I did see John Cusack prevent a jaywalking once.

Abigail Lytar: [listening to Shawn and Gus bickering] Oh, wait... I get it. You guys are dating. You're together. Everything makes sense.
Burton 'Gus' Guster: We are not dating!
Shawn Spencer: You kidding me? He was voted "Most Likely To Succeed". Think he's going to date me?

Shawn Spencer: [after kissing Abigail] That was... really nice.
Abigail Lytar: Pretty much perfect.
Shawn Spencer: Yeah...
[sees Juliet across the room]
Shawn Spencer: Pretty much... perfect.