Madeleine Spencer
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Madeleine Spencer (Character)
from "Psych" (2006)

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"Psych: Ghosts (#3.1)" (2008)
Carlton Lassiter: First question: where's the bug?
Madeleine: The what?
Carlton Lassiter: The bug.
[feels under the coffee table]
Carlton Lassiter: Nothing new in this area. It must be concealed on your person.
Madeleine: I honestly don't have anything on me.
Carlton Lassiter: Then you wouldn't be opposed to me patting you down.
Madeleine: Actually, I'm very opposed to that.
Carlton Lassiter: Would you be willing to submit to a polygraph?

Henry Spencer: You want me to give you a hand, hon?
Madeleine: Did you just call me "honey"?
Henry Spencer: [quickly] I did not. I was going to say... hunchback.

"Psych: Murder?... Anyone?... Anyone?... Bueller? (#3.2)" (2008)
Madeleine: [proudly, after listening to Shawn's summation] Oh, Henry! We must have done *something* right.
Henry Spencer: That was all you.
Madeleine: You know that's not true.

"Psych: An Evening with Mr. Yang (#3.16)" (2009)
Henry Spencer: [sitting outside the car where Madeleine has a bomb strapped to her] Maddy?
Madeleine Spencer: Henry?
Henry Spencer: Yeah, it's me, sweetheart. I'm not going anywhere.
Madeleine Spencer: All right. Then I won't either. Besides, I don't really have anything better to do right now.