David Peretz
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David Peretz (Character)
from The Debt (2010/I)

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The Debt (2010/I)
Young David: Here you are a Mossad agent, all those years of training, the highest levels of marksmanship and krav maga, and your first big mission is sewing.
Young Rachel: Black belt in dressmaking.
[brandishing a pin]
Young David: I never argue with an armed woman.
Young Rachel: [stabs him with the pin]

Young David: Nobody's ever going to find him again.

Young David: This isn't medicine. This is sickness. This is disease.

Young David: We're not animals. You remember what we are, and you remember what we are not.

Young David: What is it?
Young Rachel: It doesn't have a name.
Young Stephan: Shit!
Young David: Now it does.