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Glenn Harrick (Character)
from "Burn Notice" (2007)

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"Burn Notice: Loose Ends, Part 2 (#1.12)" (2007)
Sam Axe: [to henchman] Hey, um, so what were you? Army? I'm a Navy man myself. But, you know, I've seen your boss's type before and whatever shallow grave he dumps my body in, you're gonna be keeping me company there real soon, pal.
[Herrick punches Sam in the face, Sam laughs]
Sam Axe: You know I read in a book once that the things that make you the angriest are the things you know are true. Wise words, huh?
Glenn Harrick: [puts gun to Sam's head] I'm getting so sick of your mouth!
Sam Axe: [to henchman] Take a good look, buddy. Cuz this is going to be you real soon.
[henchman duct tapes Sam's mouth]
Glenn Harrick: Oh, I get it. I kill you, your man doesn't show, right? Nice try.
[walks away]

Glenn Harrick: [Sam is being tortured] You're trained aren't you? Let me guess, Special forces? See, me, I'm an ex-green beret, admit nothing, deny everything, make counter accusations.
Sam Axe: Special forces? No, no. I was a boy scout for a while; hey, take these restraints off me and I'll teach you how to tie a slip knot.
[Sam winks]

Sam Axe: [after his gag is taken out] Morning, sunshine.
Glenn Harrick: Here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna call your boss. You're gonna say hello. And if you act really nice, I'll finish you quick.
Sam Axe: And if I don't?
Glenn Harrick: Well, then I'll have to find another way to hunt 'em down. Which means I'll have to kill you, little by little, until I find them. But, hey, Sam, your choice.
Sam Axe: Boy, they both sound pretty good... can I have a few minutes to make up my mind?
Glenn Harrick: No.
[dials phone]