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Sophie Devereaux (Character)
from "Leverage" (2008)

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"Leverage: The Snow Job (#1.9)" (2009)
Sophie Devereaux: Are you drunk?
Nathan Ford: Technically, no. I was drunk a couple of hours ago. Now, I'm just hung over.

Parker: A man with one watch knows the time. A man with two is never sure.
Sophie Devereaux: Wha?
Parker: I had fortune cookies for breakfast.

Sophie Devereaux: So, uh, you can, uh, write that little check now, hey?
Alec Hardison: [listening over coms] Hey, why can't they all be this easy?
Randy Retzing: Of course not. We have to go to Miami. My dad's the one who has to write the check.
Alec Hardison: Ah, hell, why they all gotta be this hard?

Nathan Ford: We're going with a much bigger scam. One of the classics...
Parker: The "London Spank"?
Alec Hardison: The "Geneva Pasa-Doble"...
Eliot Spencer: The "Apple Pie".
[stares from the group]
Eliot Spencer: It's like the "Cherry Pie", but with lifeguards.
Sophie Devereaux: [savoring the thought] Whew...
Nathan Ford: [announcing the official answer] "Glengarry Glen Death". It's like a mutual fund, but instead of stocks you invest in, in death.

Sophie Devereaux: Death scenes can be demanding. I remember this time I was playing Camille in Summerstock, and whew, I was drained after every performance.
Parker: Don't I just make believe I'm dying?
Sophie Devereaux: Okay, you need to own the space... and um, and access your sense memory. Here try this, can you think of a really sad thing that's happened in your life like, I don't know, like when your father died?
Parker: [cracks-up]
Sophie Devereaux: Yeah. This isn't going to be easy...

[last lines]
Nathan Ford: Are you threatening to bail on me Sophie?
Sophie Devereaux: Give me a reason to stay...

"Leverage: The Second David Job (#1.13)" (2009)
Maggie Collins: You actually expect this to work?
Alec Hardison: Um, no, no. You're supposed to say, "Wow. That's just crazy enough to work."
Sophie Devereaux: Incredibly, chance does seem to bend itself to his bizarre machinations.
Parker: That's his superpower.

Maggie Collins: So nobody else finds it annoying when you nag them in the middle of these things?
Sophie Devereaux: Why don't I run this one, Nate?
Nathan Ford: Yeah, I don't nag. You know, I just have a, you know, clear big-picture view point. And...
Alec Hardison: Actually, you know what, we kinda like the way Sophie ran the last one.
Eliot Spencer: Yeah, yeah. Right up to the point where she got us caught. But other than that, it was great.

Eliot Spencer: I was just getting used to it.
Sophie Devereaux: What? Having an office?
Eliot Spencer: Being part of a team.

Parker: What's going on?
Eliot Spencer: Sophie here was just trying to apologize.
Sophie Devereaux: No I wasn't!
Parker: Oh, she tried that with me earlier. She kinda sucks at it.
Eliot Spencer: Yeah, little bit.
Alec Hardison: Oh, did she give you the speech about how we're thieves, and about how this is what thieves do, and if we were in her shoes we'd have done the same thing?
Eliot Spencer: No, I think she was just getting to that part.

Sophie Devereaux: Wow!
Alec Hardison: Hey, don't break nothing.
Eliot Spencer: There's nothing to break.
Parker: Who ripped out the toilets?
Alec Hardison: This was an IRS foreclosure.
Eliot Spencer: IRS doesn't take toilets.
Alec Hardison: They do when they're solid gold. Heard this used to be MC Hammer's place. I guess you can touch this,with a SWAT team and a Federal warrant.

Eliot Spencer: [Eliot and Maggie are having coffee] You come here a lot?
Maggie Collins: No, I just want to see you.
[Eliot appears to be in a slight shock]
Sophie Devereaux: [Sitting in the van, Nathan, Parker, Sophie and Alec monitoring the conversation] Thats's a date!
Parker: Do we really need to put a button cam on Eliot?
Nathan Ford: Safety issue.
[Alec and Parker nod sarcastically]
Maggie Collins: [Panning back to the Eliot and Maggie] We're not going to talk about art all afternoon, are we?
Eliot Spencer: No.
[Eliot sounds a little uncomfortable]
Maggie Collins: Good. That's all my ex-husband wants to talk about. That was so tedious.
[Eliot looking uncomfortable and Nathan shrug defensively in the van]
Maggie Collins: Listen, I want to thank you.
[Maggie puts her hand on top of Eliot's hand]
Maggie Collins: I haven't dated a lot since my marriage broke up.
Eliot Spencer: [Eliot answers uncomfortably] Sorry to hear that.
Maggie Collins: No Don't be. He was obsessive, perfectionist, controlling...
Nathan Ford: [Back in the van, Nathan became defensive] Organized, she used to say that I was organized. Punctual!
Alec Hardison: [Parker, Sophie, and Alec nod sarcastically] uh huh.
Eliot Spencer: Must have some good qualities.
Maggie Collins: No, not even in bed
Parker: [Alec's eyes light up] oooooo!
[Parker, Sophie and Alec all turn towards Nathan]
Maggie Collins: Every night was prom night. You know what I mean.
[pausing with a smile]
Maggie Collins: The worst of all,
[Eliot appears extremely uncomfortable]
Maggie Collins: He completely forgot that I gave him that button cam for Christmas three years ago.
[Maggie smiles knowingly]
Nathan Ford: [the van door opens. Nathan, Parker, Sophie and Alec in shock when they see Maggie] I can explain...
[Parker, Sophie and Alec shrug their shoulders]

"Leverage: The Two Live Crew Job (#2.7)" (2009)
Parker: Is that C-4?
Sophie Devereaux: Oh! Parker... please don't poke at the motion-sensitive bomb.
Nathan Ford: So, uh... secret admirer?
Sophie Devereaux: Well, it's no secret they want me dead.

Sophie Devereaux: All right, everybody get out of here right now.
Nathan Ford: I'm gonna stay. I'm gonna stay with Sophie, all right?
Alec Hardison: We're not leaving you, Sophie.
Sophie Devereaux: Look, I appreciate what you guys are trying to do, but just... if you don't get out of here now, then... then I'm going to kill you myself when this over.

Nathan Ford: Friend of yours?
Sophie Devereaux: Well, If by that you mean murderous, treacherous backstabber, than yes.
Nathan Ford: Yeah, I thought so. Seemed like your type.

Sophie Devereaux: So this is what you do, right? You take... you take footage of us on cons and you... you... you download it into that?
Alec Hardison: eah, I analyze it, I monitor comms, I scan for all police frequencies, I... you had no idea I do all this, did you? Does nobody respect the van? The van is important! What... what is that?
Sophie Devereaux: It's lemon-zest tea. I gotta tell you, it's... it's a little bit... it's a little bit wiffy in here.
Alec Hardison: It smells like hard work, that's what it smells like!

Sophie Devereaux: Nobody's going to recognize me.
Nathan Ford: How's that?
Sophie Devereaux: [hurt] Nate, I'm acting!

"Leverage: The Three Days of the Hunter Job (#2.5)" (2009)
Sophie Devereaux: I'm going to be Nate on this one. You know, only nicer.

Sophie Devereaux: [dramatically] Pack your bags everyone, we're going to make news.
Nathan Ford: She's walking into the closet...

[last lines]
Nathan Ford: Now here is where you say something nice about me...
Sophie Devereaux: Don't ruin the moment.

Sophie Devereaux: She has to have corroboration from her own sources. She has to craft the narrative. Monica Hunter has to be the author of here own personal nightmare
Nathan Ford: Do I sound that creepy when I...?
Eliot Spencer: Hell Yes!

Alec Hardison: Get me outta here!
Sophie Devereaux: Yeah, uh, I'm working on it.
Parker: I'm on it.
Sophie Devereaux: No, no, no, no, no! You cannot go. You're dead. Monica Hunter sees you and the whole con is blown.
Parker: Right.
Alec Hardison: Damn the con. I am a black man caught on an army base with a video camera. I am going to jail forever!

"Leverage: The Nigerian Job (#1.1)" (2008)
[flashback, Paris, 7 years ago, Sophie is carefully cutting a painting from its frame]
Nathan Ford: [kicks in the door] Freeze!
[Sophie shoots Nate in the shoulder; Nate shoots Sophie in the back or backside]
Sophie Devereaux: You wanker!

Sophie Devereaux: I'm a citizen now... honest.
Nathan Ford: I'm not.
Sophie Devereaux: [she looks past Nathan to the rest of the team, then back to him] You're playing my side?
[Nathan nods]
Sophie Devereaux: I always thought you had it in you.
Nathan Ford: Um, are you in?
Sophie Devereaux: [nods] I wouldn't miss this.

Sophie Devereaux: [Nathan has just inserted her earbud] Now you really are inside my head.

Eliot Spencer: No. No. I vote no.
Nathan Ford: Ah, Parker's right: Dubenich knows us, and we need a fresh face.
Nathan Ford: [turns focus to Sophie leaving the stage door; applauds] I thought you were great.
Sophie Devereaux: My only fan.
Typed Caption: Sophie Devereaux: Grifter.

Parker: [from around the corner] Sophie!
Sophie Devereaux: What's going on?
Parker: [tosses a rappelling harness to Sophie] Put this on!
Sophie Devereaux: What's it for?
Parker: Speed.

"Leverage: The Rashomon Job (#3.11)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: And, when I started telling them about one of my finest jobs ever.
Eliot Spencer: Yeah, but I know she's lying.
Alec Hardison: She's a grifter, it's her job.
Parker: Wait I'm confused, now she's lying about lying?

Sophie Devereaux: I did steal the dagger. I just didn't get to keep it.

Sophie Devereaux: It was on route, that's like stealing my mail.
Parker: Well is stealing mail a crime?

Nathan Ford: If we don't find Moreau, I might go back to prison forever.
Sophie Devereaux: Oh, shush. You did fine in prison the first time.
Eliot Spencer: You got into shape.
Parker: Yeah, you look good in a jump suit.
Alec Hardison: You learned how to hypnotize people.

"Leverage: The San Lorenzo Job (#3.16)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: [seeing video] Eew, what is that?
Alec Hardison: There's no secrets on the Internet. When will people learn this?

Sophie Devereaux: Nate, if stealing a country were easy, everyone would do it.

Nathan Ford: Oh, how about a friendly drink?
Sophie Devereaux: You're a bad influence!

Sophie Devereaux: Nate, I have to say of all the deceitful unprincipled corrupt things I've done in my entire life nothing is as bad as...
Nathan Ford: Politics.
Sophie Devereaux: I can't even say it.

"Leverage: The Double Blind Job (#3.5)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: [about Ashley] I'm glad she finally got closure.
Parker: [holding a beer bottle] Who?
Sophie Devereaux: Ashley.
[Parker crushes her beer bottle]
Sophie Devereaux: You need to talk to him.
Parker: Who?
Sophie Devereaux: *Hardison.*
[Parker crushes her beer bottle more]

Sophie Devereaux: What you're feeling is called jealousy, Parker.
Parker: [laughs and snorts] I'm not jealous.

Parker: [about the Ashley/Hardison companionship] It's just that when I see them together, I... don't like it.
Sophie Devereaux: You need to tell him how you feel.

"Leverage: The Last Dam Job (#4.18)" (2012)
Nathan Ford: Let's go break the law.
Sophie Devereaux: Mmmmm, just one more time?
Nathan Ford: Oh, a couple more times.

Sophie Devereaux: [to Maggie when Nate realizes that Maggie is Sophie's back-up] He looks like a smacked mackerel.

Sophie Devereaux: [to Nate about Maggie] She's the only honest person I know.

"Leverage: The Tap-Out Job (#2.2)" (2009)
Room Service: Room service, can I help you?
Sophie Devereaux: Yeah no, I can't eat this. Everything on my plate is yellow!
Room Service: It's Chicken Fried Steak.
Sophie Devereaux: It's what? Chicken Fried Steak?
Room Service: Yes.
Sophie Devereaux: No, let me tell you, meat should never be used as an adjective.

Eliot Spencer: [on the mat getting pummeled]
Sophie Devereaux: You drugged him, didn't you?
Jed Rucker: What makes you think I would trust a bunch of lying grifters to keep their word?
Sophie Devereaux: Get the doctor, Parker. Now!
Jed Rucker: No need, it will be over in a couple of minutes.
Sophie Devereaux: Oh my, you don't get it do you. Eliot's not like other fighters. He doesn't play games. He fights to survive, that's his training. It takes all his control *not* to kill somebody. You've just made him more dangerous. You've take the safety off the gun!

[last lines]
Sophie Devereaux: Pork rind?
Parker: Err...
Sophie Devereaux: They're actually pretty good.
Sophie Devereaux: You sure?

"Leverage: The Beantown Bailout Job (#2.1)" (2009)
Alec Hardison: I tell you we are doing some hinky things in Pakistan. Hinky.
Sophie Devereaux: [to Eliot] Well, what about you? What have you been doing for the past six months?
Eliot Spencer: I was in Pakistan.

Sophie Devereaux: [to Eliot about Nathan, who has just agreed to lead them again] He missed us.

Sophie Devereaux: [she's accidentally knocked Nate out] Oh, bugger!

"Leverage: The Fairy Godparents Job (#2.4)" (2009)
[last lines]
Sophie Devereaux: Start telling the truth all day... stop being Sophie Devereaux.
Nathan Ford: Maybe that's, uh, a good thing?
Sophie Devereaux: [no] Mm mm.

Nathan Ford: Could you please er, not make this so difficult?
Sophie Devereaux: I can't take you seriously with that dead cat
[waving her hand over her head]
Sophie Devereaux: on your head.

"Leverage: The Ho Ho Ho Job (#3.14)" (2010)
Colin Mason: Hello, Sophie.
Sophie Devereaux: Chaos!
Colin Mason: Long time, no try to kill you.

Eliot Spencer: You bought us gifts?
Sophie Devereaux: Oh, I wouldn't say bought exactly... we a obtained.

"Leverage: The Juror #6 Job (#1.11)" (2009)
Eliot Spencer: [roleplaying] I love apples. Apples are my favorite fruit.
Parker: Good for you, Sparky.
Eliot Spencer: I-I don't have to sit here and take this crap.
Sophie Devereaux: Go on. Just do it for me.
Eliot Spencer: You have an orange, alright? Now convince me that I want the orange, not the apple. Gonna take a bite. You-you...
[takes a bite]
Parker: [evilly] I put a razorblade in that apple!
Eliot Spencer: [spits it out] Are you serious?
Parker: Maybe. But do you know what doesn't have a razorblade in it? This orange. Don't you want it?

Parker: Hey, it's Peggy from the trial. She wants to have coffee next week. Mm, Alice made a friend.
Eliot Spencer: I'm gonna tell you one more time, *you* made a friend. Not Alice.
Parker: Oh, cool. Well, think she'll wanna steal a painting with me?
Sophie Devereaux: Start small, Parker. Try coffee.

"Leverage: The Stork Job (#1.6)" (2009)
Sophie Devereaux: The thing is, y-you have to establish, you know, the main character's dramatic need...
Nathan Ford: Right.
Sophie Devereaux: Otherwise there's no emotional payoff in the resolution.
Nathan Ford: Wait. This-this is a movie about NATO troops being attacked by werewolves. No, there is no emotional payoff!

Sophie Devereaux: So, how did you know Irina would go for the movie thing?
Nathan Ford: A European grifter who wants to be an actress? Lucky guess.

"Leverage: The Miracle Job (#1.4)" (2008)
Nathan Ford: Apostolic Visitation.
Alec Hardison: Come again?
Nathan Ford: It's the Vatican.
[Eliot, Hardison and Parker leave quickly]
Sophie Devereaux: What?
Nathan Ford: Apostolic Visitation. It's like the Pope's, you know, CSI.

Parker: It's like Christmas. See, I told you Saint Nicholas is Santa Claus.
Sophie Devereaux: No he's not, Parker.
Parker: Well, who is he, then?
Sophie Devereaux: Saint Nicholas? He's the patron saint of thieves.

"Leverage: The Top Hat Job (#2.6)" (2009)
Eliot Spencer: [referring to Nathan] He's fine. We practically had to beg him to come back, all right? He's not drinking, he's on the top of his game. I can't even believe we pulled this one off.
Sophie Devereaux: Well, that's the problem; he keeps on winning. And every time he wins, he believes a little bit more that he can control... life.
Eliot Spencer: So I guess he could today.
Sophie Devereaux: What happens when he loses? The last time he lost, it broke him. He breaks again, I don't think even we could pick up the pieces.

Eliot Spencer: That's why I grow my own food.
Sophie Devereaux: Where do you find the time?
Eliot Spencer: You MAKE time. I only sleep 90 minutes a day.

"Leverage: The Homecoming Job (#1.2)" (2008)
Alec Hardison: [after stopping their mark from killing the client] I didn't sign up for any of this. What I did before, nobody got hurt.
Sophie Devereaux: I stole paintings for a living.
Parker: I never hurt anybody.
Eliot Spencer: I actually hurt people, so...

Sophie Devereaux: [pretending to be a defense contractor] My company's focused on meeting Senators, but, um, I'm thinking Congressmen.
Charles Dufort: You know the great thing about Congressmen? 50, 100 grand well spent will get one elected. But then, once they're in, the incumbency rate is over 95%! So you can get on an average 18, 20 years use out of one of them. In these uncertain times, buying a United States Congressman is one of the best investments a corporation can make!
Alec Hardison: [listening in on surveillance] Oh, I just threw up in my mouth a little bit. I'm a professional criminal and I find that disturbing.

"Leverage: The Order 23 Job (#2.3)" (2009)
Nathan Ford: [Socratically] What are you more afraid of than prison?
Sophie Devereaux: Death?
Nathan Ford: And what are you more afraid of than death?
Team: [raised eyebrows]

Parker: Is it just me, or has Nate gotten a little sadistic since he quit drinking?
Sophie Devereaux: Is it just me, or does that make him even more attractive?

"Leverage: The Underground Job (#3.10)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: Tell me how you break into a bank.
Parker: Clock the cameras, count the guards, find the silent alarms, look for a weak spot to enter, pick the vault's combination, and steal the money.
Sophie Devereaux: Just analyze Pierce the same way you would a security system. Here.
[hands her a notebook]
Sophie Devereaux: Take notes. There's your mark. Find her weak spots. With politicians, it's usually a need for adoration. The same way that you wear black to mask yourself from security cameras, flattery can mask your intentions. Find the right combination, and you can unlock the mark's trust. And then you can steal her...
Parker: Soul.
Sophie Devereaux: I was gonna say "confidence."

"Leverage: The Gone Fishin' Job (#3.7)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: I think we should call the police
Nathan Ford: And tell them what? Two of our friends are impersonating IRS agents at a bank?

"Leverage: The Three-Card Monte Job (#3.9)" (2010)
[Jimmy Ford shows Nathan a map outlining their plan. Dissolve to Leverage HQ where the same data is rendered on Hardison's screens]
Nathan Ford: [pointing out locations] First Boston Independent, State Street branch of the Boston Bank, Commonwealth Loan and Securities. Now...
[Nathan walks over to the desk with Hardison, Sophie, and Eliot]
Parker: [Parker's at the screens] First Independent's got a Glenn-Reeder alarm system, series F-900. Two guards at the front...
Parker: [laughing] ... one guard in the back. Cameras record, *not monitored*. Daily turnover: two million. State Street?: mostly commercial papers and loans, but they do have bearer bonds in a basement lockdown room, just takes a key and a retinal scanner. Commonwealth: they...
Parker: [snickers] their alarm system's a holdover from the '70s. but...
Parker: [laughs] but it's...
[Parker notices everyone is staring at her]
Parker: [looks down at her clothes] What?
Parker: [suddenly self-conscious and hurt] What do you guys do on *your* weekends?
[Parker walks off]
Eliot Spencer: There's something wrong with you.
Sophie Devereaux: So, which one's he gonna hit?
[back with Jimmy Ford]
Nathan Ford: None of them?
Jimmy Ford: None of them. But, see, since we control the precinct alarm system, the cops are gonna think they're being robbed. Now, think of this, Nathan: three banks being robbed *at the same time*. They're gonna think it's armageddon. Every cop in town is gonna be headin' to those three banks.
Nathan Ford: Yeah, and away from...?
Pieter: Mm-hmm.
[at Leverage]
Sophie Devereaux: Away from what?
Nathan Ford: I don't know. He won't tell me. Yet! He won't tell me *yet*.
Eliot Spencer: Do you realize how many banks there are south of the precinct?
Parker: [quickly] 67.

"Leverage: The Bank Shot Job (#1.5)" (2008)
Derrick Clark: Why should I trust you? I don't know who you are.
Sophie Devereaux: I am a thief.
Derrick Clark: Okay, I'm not sure what to do with that.

"Leverage: The Frame-Up Job (#5.10)" (2012)
Reinhold Shecter: ...because I knew he was never going to remarry that woman. Jonas was just getting sentimental in his last days, and the havoc that would wreak on the estate, Agent...?
Sophie Devereaux: Agent Tennant. Are you getting this, Agent Smith?
Jim Sterling: Yeah.

"Leverage: The Queen's Gambit Job (#4.10)" (2011)
Sophie Devereaux: So the salt was Plan B?
Nathan Ford: Plan M actually.
Alec Hardison: Don't I usually die in Plan M? How many plans do I die in?
Nathan Ford: C,F and M through Q.

"Leverage: The First David Job (#1.12)" (2009)
Sophie Devereaux: You honestly think that we can fool Maggie with a fake?
Nathan Ford: No. She's, uh, too smart, too experienced. When we worked together, there was nobody better.
Sophie Devereaux: A simple "no" without the cheerleading would've done.

"Leverage: The Two-Horse Job (#1.3)" (2008)
Sophie Devereaux: I don't know what comes of chasing the past, you know, Elliot?
Eliot Spencer: Well, Sophie, sweetie, I don't think you and Nate get to serve me that particular meal.
Sophie Devereaux: Ouch.

"Leverage: The Mile High Job (#1.8)" (2009)
[last lines]
Sophie Devereaux: I still don't understand how you can mix up Paris and Tuscany.

"Leverage: The Jailhouse Job (#3.1)" (2010)
Sophie Devereaux: What kind of world would it be if everyone who committed a silly little crime went to prison? Complete madness!