Valerie Plame
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Valerie Plame (Character)
from Fair Game (2010/I)

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Fair Game (2010/I)
Dr. Zahraa: How do you do it? Lie to someone to their face? Huh?
Valerie Plame: You have to know, know why you're lying... And never forget the truth.

[first lines]
Valerie Plame: Jessica McDowell, Gnosos Chemicals.
Tabir Secretary #1: When do you leave for Kuala Lumpur, Miss McDowell?
Valerie Plame: I fly to Taiwan Tuesday, then back to Düsseldorf.

Valerie Plame: You did your job. You should feel good. They count on that. That's why they don't pay you.

Valerie Plame: [repeated marital conversation] It's on the PostIt.

Diane Plame: So do you have lovers all over the world? Do you have a gun?
[down to a whisper]
Diane Plame: Have you killed people?
Valerie Plame: I can't. I... I can't tell you anything.
Diane Plame: You can't tell me anything. Okay, alright. So do you want to go shopping? See a movie? Mani-pedi?

Valerie Plame: One by one, everybody broke - except me. And that made me feel special. You can't break me. I don't have a breaking point.
Valerie Plame: I was wrong.

Valerie Plame: You seriously think you can pick a fight with the White House and win? They'll bury us.
Joe Wilson: They'll bury us if we don't. Listen Valerie.
Valerie Plame: No you listen to me.
Joe Wilson: No, Valerie, Valerie, Valerie! Do I, does that make me right if I shout louder than you? If I shout louder than you am I right? If I'm the White House and I shout a million times louder than you, does that make me right? They lied Valerie, they lied. That's the truth.