Nick Slaughter
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Nick Slaughter (Character)
from "Sweating Bullets" (1991)

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"Sweating Bullets: Users (#2.18)" (1992)
Granier: Don't insult my intelligence.
Nick Slaughter: You're right, it's too small a target anyway.

Sylvie Girard: [off screen, on Nick's cellular] Nick, what have you found out?
Nick Slaughter: Another great reason to invest in a helmet.

"Sweating Bullets: Going to the Dogs (#2.20)" (1992)
Nick Slaughter: [to Rupert] You look like you were poured into that dress and forgot to say when.

"Sweating Bullets: Runaway (#2.8)" (1991)
Nick Slaughter: This is where you get out.
Cathy Paige: What, what are you talking about. There are people out there who are trying to kill me.
Nick Slaughter: Yeah, and there are others who are trying to restrain themselves.

"Sweating Bullets: Death's a Beach (#1.3)" (1991)
Nick Slaughter: [referring to Rupert in his 'dress'] The man looks like he was poured into this and forgot to say when.

"Sweating Bullets: Object of Desire (#3.19)" (1993)
Sylvie Girard: I'm sure you're going to have time to finish your book. How's it going?
Nick Slaughter: Well it's a little complicated. I think the victim was killed by a character from another novel.