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Quotes for
Jennifer (Character)
from My Fake Fiance (2009) (TV)

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My Fake Fiance (2009) (TV)
Jennifer: Let me guess. You lease a really nice car you can never buy. You never cry in movies. And you only bang hot chicks.
Vince: Have we met?
Jennifer: No.

Jennifer: Hi, is Monkey there?
The Monkey: It's 'The Monkey'.
Jennifer: 'The Monkey'? You're 'the kidding', right?

Jennifer: So what I was thinking was...
Vince: I'm in.
Jennifer: Well, I didn't even...
Vince: I'm in. I love it. It's perfect. I'm in.

Jennifer: We're holding a wedding, not a tailgate party, Vince.

Jennifer: [opening a moving box] Be the coffeemaker! Be the coffemaker!

Vince: I was really surprised you called me. I didn't think you liked me.
Jennifer: I don't
Vince: Well, I don't like you either.

Jennifer: I'm so looking forward to our divorce.

Jennifer: But it's all a lie!
Vince: Yeah, but it's a lie that came true.