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Quotes for
John Singleton Mosby (Character)
from "The Gray Ghost" (1957)

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"The Gray Ghost: Mosby's Rangers (#1.0)" (1957)
[first lines]
[watching a train steaming up a grade]
Sam Chapman: The good old Baltimore and Ohio - war and peace, she's right on time.
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: That's right, Sam, but I'll bet a Yankee dollar she loses a few minutes out of the next ten.
[glancing at Mosby's men arrayed along the track]
Sam Chapman: I wouldn't be surprised.

[historic quotes]
General Staughton: Who are you?
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: Ever hear of John Mosby?
General Staughton: You mean you captured him!
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: No - but he's captured you!

Capt. Alan Morrow: So you're Mosby, the Gray Ghost, huh?
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: That's what they say.
Capt. Alan Morrow: Well, you're one ghost who won't haunt this country again - at least not before you're hanged.
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: Oh, so you Yankees hang prisoners of war, huh? Well, that figures.
Capt. Alan Morrow: You and your men have no claim to being soldiers! You're guerillas, outlaws and bandits. You're undisciplined rabble!
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: When a man's country is fighting for its life, Yankee, he fights with all he's got. Maybe they didn't teach you that at West Point.

General Staughton: I'll have you hanged by the heels for this. Guard!
Maj. John Singleton Mosby: You Yankees sure do a lot of hangin' talk.