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Michael Wong (Character)
from Milk (2008/I)

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Milk (2008/I)
Harvey Milk: Okay. First order of business to come out of this office is the city-wide gay rights ordinance, just like the one that Anita shot down in Dade County. What do you think, Lotus Blossom?
Michael Wong: I think it's good. It's not great.
Harvey Milk: Okay, so make it brilliant. We want Anita's attention here, in San Francisco. I wanted to bring her fight to us. We need a unanimous vote - we need headlines.
Jim Rivaldo: Dan White is not going to vote for this.
Harvey Milk: Dan White'll be fine, Dan White is just uneducated. We'll teach him.
Dan White: [suddenly appearing in the doorway] Hey, Harv! Committee meets at nine-thirty.
[to everyone else]
Dan White: Hi, you guys.
[to Harvey]
Dan White: Um, say, did you get the invitation to my son's christening? I invited a few of the other supes too.
Harvey Milk: Oh, well, I'll be there!
Dan White: Great! Thanks.
[waves at everyone and leaves]
Dick Pabich: Did he hear you?
Jim Rivaldo: What the fuck?
Anne Kronenberg: Are you going?
Harvey Milk: I would let him christen me if it means he's gonna vote for the gay rights ordinance.
Jim Rivaldo: [as Harvey is talking] I think he can hear you. Jesus.
Harvey Milk: We need allies.
Dick Pabich: I don't think he heard you.
Cleve Jones: Is it just me or is he cute?

Michael Wong: How do you know she's not a plant for Rick Stokes?
Anne Kronenberg: Are you guys always this paranoid?
Michael Wong: Yes, we take after Harvey.
Harvey Milk: Shouldn't you be doing someone's laundry?
Michael Wong: Shouldn't you be at a hairdresser's convention?
Harvey Milk: [fake scream] Aah!

Michael Wong: A gay candidate against another gay candidate. That's unfortunate.