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Biography for
T-1000 (Character)
from Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)

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T-1000 is a new advanced prototype Terminator developed by Cyberdyne Systems, sent from 35 years in the future to present time to destroy young John Connor so machines will rule the earth. He clashes against the original T-101 Terminator, who was reprogrammed by the future John Connor to be his protector in present time. T-1000 is described by T-101 as "a mimetic poly-alloy" or "liquid metal." He can shapeshift to match other people he touches, after first arriving in present time, he decides to have his base form be that of a nearby cop he killed and passes himself off as a cop in that form. He also can form solid metal shapes like knives and stabbing weapons, any damage done to him will reform in a matter of seconds. He can also turn liquid and move through holes or gaps. Near the end of the conflict, T-1000 is frozen by liquid nitrogen and shattered in a steel mill, then all the pieces come back together after they melt. He is eventually destroyed when T-101 fires a grenade that explodes upon impact at him when he's near a ledge at the steel mill, the explosion results in him losing his balance and falling into a vat of molten steel, where he apparently melts and dissipates into in a matter of seconds.

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