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Andrew Sheltin (Character)
from "The Rifleman" (1958)

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"The Rifleman: The Marshal (#1.4)" (1958)
[first lines]
Lloyd Carpenter: Just hold up, boys. I had it easy in my mind we was headed for Baesore.
Andrew Sheltin: Well, you see Lloyd, we ain't never been to Northfork.
Flory Sheltin: Fact of the matter is we heard talk that Micah Torrance was headed there. We've been aimin' to do him in as you well know.
Lloyd Carpenter: And I thought we was going to make us a pot of money in the cattle business.

Andrew Sheltin: Hey Flory, did you see that? I got me that rifleman. Hey Lloyd, you saw it, didn't ya? I got him. It was me, wasn't it?
Andrew Sheltin: Yeah, you got him.
Andrew Sheltin: Hey Flory, Lloyd and I got that rifleman.
Lloyd Carpenter: And he got Flory.
Andrew Sheltin: [finds his brother dead] Why Flory, you ugly old devil. You went and got yourself killt.