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Grady Mitchell (Character)
from "Sonny with a Chance" (2009)

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"Sonny with a Chance: Sonny with a Kiss (#2.20)" (2010)
Chad Dylan Cooper: Like I'm really gonna take advice from two guys who are dating their pillows.
Grady Mitchell: Well, at least we've kissed them already.

"Sonny with a Chance: Tales from the Prop House (#1.15)" (2009)
Grady Mitchell: [after Chad and his cast left] Oh, this is so unfair! Those guys get everything!
Tawni Hart: Where will the injustice end?
Sonny Munroe: It will end right here! Because I can reason with Chad. Chad only understands one tone!
[walks to get her cell phone]
Sonny Munroe: ...and that's mine!
[dials and suddenly changes her tone]
Sonny Munroe: Chad, it's me, Sonny.
Sonny Munroe: Look, can we discuss this like real people?
[a bit amazed by his answer]
Sonny Munroe: Really?
[to the 'So Random' cast]
Sonny Munroe: He's on his way back over here right now!
Chad Dylan Cooper: [arrives through the wall, by breaking it with a forklift, the 'So Random' cast scream and hide behind the furniture] So, what did you want to discuss?

"Sonny with a Chance: Sonny at the Falls (#1.3)" (2009)
Sonny Munroe: This is last you will see of Sonny Munroe! I mean other than the fact that we have to rehearse.
Tawni Hart, Nico, Grady, Zora: Yeah.
[Sonny leaves the room]
Sonny Munroe: You know what, I forgot my jacket.
[She points to the jacket]
Tawni Hart: Girl it's cold out there.
Sonny Munroe: [Sonny grabs the jacket off of the rack] This is the last you see of Sonny Munroe!
[Sonny leaves the room. Then walks in the room again]
Sonny Munroe: I don't even have a jacket.
[Sonny puts the jacket up]
Tawni Hart: Put that back silly.
[the rest of the gang are collaborating with Sonny]
Sonny Munroe: But this is the last you see of Sonny Munroe! I say good day.
[She leaves the room]