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Emma Boardman (Character)
from "Gossip Girl" (2007)

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"Gossip Girl: There Might be Blood (#2.9)" (2008)
Emma Boardman: Aren't you done? You won. You, Muffy, my mom. I'm the only loser.
Blair Waldorf: You still don't get it. Having sex for the first time shouldn't be part of a competition to beat Muffy the lacrostitute. It should be with someone you love.
Emma Boardman: Was your first time with someone you loved?
Blair Waldorf: Yes, it was. And honestly there are better ways of getting your mother's attention.
Emma Boardman: I told you this is about Muffy.
Blair Waldorf: Please I wrote the book on distracted self-centered mother's. My mom has never met a single one of my teachers, she regularly forgets my birthday, and she only comments on my appearance when she has something to criticize.
Emma Boardman: But your perfect.
Blair Waldorf: True, but that's why I finally realized it wasn't about me, the same way it's not about you.
Emma Boardman: My mom always says when we come to the city we're gonna hang out and do mother daughter things. It never happens.
Blair Waldorf: So tell her that.

Blair Waldorf: Emma, open up. Emma I know your in there.
[Blair knocking on Serge's apartment door trying to get Emma]
Emma Boardman: Go away! Serge is in the bathroom and when he gets out there's gonna be one less virgin around here.
Chuck Bass: You do have to admire her determination.
Emma Boardman: I'm not letting Muffy lose hers before me, she beats me in everything.
Chuck Bass: Tell her to check Gossip Girl.
Blair Waldorf: Emma do you have your phone? Check Gossip Girl it's important.
Emma Boardman: [picks up her phone] Look I already told you nothing's gonna... what?
[she opens the door]
Emma Boardman: It says Muffy's muff gets stuffed! Does that mean...
Blair Waldorf: That little Muffy took her first steps as a woman, afraid so.
Emma Boardman: She lost her virginity and her Gossip Girl cherry in the same night? But how did she get on Gossip Girl?
Chuck Bass: It pays to have connections.

Blair Waldorf: Looks like you got nailed just not in the way you wanted!
Emma Boardman: Give me time. Serge and I were just moving the party over to his place.
Blair Waldorf: Serge? Honestly, how tacky are you?

Blair Waldorf: Oh sweet heaven.
[Emma comes out wearing a risqué dress]
Emma Boardman: So, Muffy McDonough's been bragging about how she's gonna lose her virginity cause she finally landed a date with the lacrosse captain. They call him the d-virginator.
Blair Waldorf: Oh my god stop your mouth from moving.
Emma Boardman: But now that I finally have the night away from mom and dad we'll see whose first. I'm saying TTFN to my you-know-what.
Blair Waldorf: Or maybe we'll see how your mom feels about your little clearance sale Lohan.
Emma Boardman: Please I heard you talking about getting into Yale, well Dean Berube is like my uncle so hlep me or I tell him how you took me into a club and got me wasted.

Emma Boardman: I'm saying TTFN to my you know what!