Dr. Robert Helm
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Dr. Robert Helm (Character)
from "Queen of Swords" (2000)

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"Queen of Swords: The Serpent (#1.10)" (2001)
[Leandro points his pistol at Dr. Helm]
Dr. Robert Helm: And is it the inflammation or the discharge of your pistol that concerns you?
Leandro: Don't get smart with me!
Dr. Robert Helm: I wouldn't dream of it. It would be such a waste.
Leandro: You're coming with me. My boss is hurt - bad!
Dr. Robert Helm: In the head presumably and it appears to be catching.

[twisting Leandro's arm behind his back]
Dr. Robert Helm: Now I can mend limbs, but I can also break them. It's one of the perks of the job.

[Dr. Helm refuses an offer to join The Serpent's band of outlaws]
The Serpent: Well, that's too bad because now I'll have to kill you.
[the Serpent points a pistol at Dr. Helm's throat]
Dr. Robert Helm: How amazingly unoriginal. Now why don't you put that thing away before you do something I'll regret.

[referring to the outlaw the Queen just shot during a struggle]
The Queen of Swords: He's one of the Serpent's men, isn't he? Is his boss still alive?
Dr. Robert Helm: That's a confidential matter between doctor and patient.
The Queen of Swords: He isn't just any patient, Doctor.
Dr. Robert Helm: To me he is.
The Queen of Swords: He's a killer!
Dr. Robert Helm: Then I guess you two have something in common.

[the Serpent and his outlaws have laid waste to a poor peasant village]
The Queen of Swords: If you hadn't saved The Serpent's life, none of this would have happened.
Dr. Robert Helm: I tended to an injured patient.
The Queen of Swords: Who was a murderer.
Dr. Robert Helm: I don't judge, I heal.
The Queen of Swords: Then let the law judge him!

The Queen of Swords: Where is he?
Dr. Robert Helm: I can't.
The Queen of Swords: For God's sake, why?
Dr. Robert Helm: Because I swore an oath to protect the sick.
The Queen of Swords: And your oath is more important than these people's lives?
Dr. Robert Helm: It's not as simple as that. This is a matter of honor.
The Queen of Swords: Don't fool yourself, Doctor. There's no honor in protecting a murderer - only vanity.

Maria Teresa Alvarado: You know, I envy you.
Dr. Robert Helm: You're not serious.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: I do. You have a sacred duty to save lives. There is so much honor in that. You must be very proud.
Dr. Robert Helm: Perhaps I am just vain.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: Doctor, who would dare call you that?
Dr. Robert Helm: Someone.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: Anyone who would say such a thing is callous and ignorant.
Dr. Robert Helm: No, she is not!
Maria Teresa Alvarado: A woman?
Dr. Robert Helm: Just possibly the most remarkable woman I've ever met.

[the Serpent forces Dr. Helm to kneel in front of an empty grave]
The Serpent: Time to say goodbye, Doctor.
Dr. Robert Helm: You know, if this is about my fee, I am willing to negotiate.

Dr. Robert Helm: So you risked your life to save mine. *Thank you!*
The Queen of Swords: Yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time. I'm not so sure anymore.

Dr. Robert Helm: How many have you killed? How many? Do remember their faces?
The Queen of Swords: [softly] Yes.
Dr. Robert Helm: I probably remember the first forty. Husbands, brothers, sons... after that they all become a blur.
The Queen of Swords: During the war?
Dr. Robert Helm: The *war*. The enemy was evil; I was good. One day I realized they felt exactly the same about me. There was no evil, no good. There was only blood - and death.

The Queen of Swords: We're about to have company.
Dr. Robert Helm: Six, all armed.
The Queen of Swords: And you used our only shot on a snake!
Dr. Robert Helm: I could have just let it bite you!
The Queen of Swords: How do you feel about saving The Serpent now, Doctor?
Dr. Robert Helm: I'm willing to consider a second opinion. Happy?

Col. Luis Montoya: You must forgive me; I was expecting a very different guest.
The Queen of Swords: I'm sorry to disappoint you.
Col. Luis Montoya: I'm not disappointed. I have caught two birds in one canyon - The Serpent below and The Queen of Swords above. And you, Doctor... scrambling about canyons so far from home?
Dr. Robert Helm: I was abducted by The Serpent.
Col. Luis Montoya: What a glamorous life you lead, Doctor - abducted by bandits, rescued by masked ladies. Whatever's next - bands of angels descending upon us from the heavens above?

Dr. Robert Helm: This lady is leaving us, Colonel. If your soldiers fire on her, I will kill you.
Col. Luis Montoya: If I fall, shoot the doctor.
The Queen of Swords: Don't do this.
Dr. Robert Helm: It's already done.
Col. Luis Montoya: Altruism on one hand; self-sacrifice on the other. My, it's almost romantic.

[Dr. Helm killed The Serpent to save the Queen]
Dr. Robert Helm: Damn you! I killed him!
The Queen of Swords: To save me.
[the Queen grabs Dr. Helm and kisses him passionately]
The Queen of Swords: Thank you.

Col. Luis Montoya: I will hang The Serpent's body in the village square. Let the people see how Montoya deals with murderers and thieves.
Dr. Robert Helm: I always knew you were a hero of the people.

Maria Teresa Alvarado: It must be very difficult to live with killing a man. Colonel Montoya must be very strong, I suppose.
Dr. Robert Helm: I suppose he must.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: I think I prefer a man who saves life, rather than takes it, but I'm sure it's not always a simple choice.
Dr. Robert Helm: Senorita Alvarado, no offense, but what could you possibly know about life and death?
Maria Teresa Alvarado: [softly] ... Nada.

"Queen of Swords: Vengeance (#1.4)" (2000)
[the Queen discovers that Dr. Helm was the assassin's intended victim, not Don Aguilera]
Dr. Robert Helm: This is my business. You stay the hell out.
The Queen of Swords: Looks like I'm not the only one who hides behind a mask.

The Queen of Swords: What the hell are you doing leaping off rocks?
Dr. Robert Helm: What the hell are you doing following me?
The Queen of Swords: Tell me why you're leaving town.
Dr. Robert Helm: Tell me who's under the mask.
The Queen of Swords: ...I asked first.

Dr. Robert Helm: Who are you?
Latham: Vengeance.

[Colonel Montoya shoots Latham as he was about to strike Dr. Helm with his sword]
Dr. Robert Helm: You're a complicated man, Colonel.
Col. Luis Montoya: Not really. Killers and assassins, they are, how do you say... a dime a dozen. But where would I find another doctor?
[seeing the Queen of Swords in the distance riding off on the Colonel's stallion]
Dr. Robert Helm: Or another horse?

Col. Luis Montoya: Sometimes I think I'm too virtuous for my own good.
Dr. Robert Helm: Don't push it, Colonel.

[last lines]
Dr. Robert Helm: I'm glad you came, though.
The Queen of Swords: You are?
Dr. Robert Helm: I wasn't sure when I would see you again.
The Queen of Swords: Am I missing something?
Dr. Robert Helm: Maybe.
The Queen of Swords: Should I be flattered?
Dr. Robert Helm: Well, that's up to you... but I'm just returning your sword.
The Queen of Swords: Ah. Thank you, Doctor.
Dr. Robert Helm: Oh, by the way...
[turns and discovers the Queen has disappeared into the night]
Dr. Robert Helm: It's nice to be back.

The Queen of Swords: Are you looking for something?
Dr. Robert Helm: My horse.
The Queen of Swords: Your horse?
Dr. Robert Helm: Yes. Horse. Equus. Four legs, big head, long tail.
The Queen of Swords: There's a ranch a few miles west. You can always get a new one there... That is if you're still planning on running away.
Dr. Robert Helm: I am not running away!... I am walking.

"Queen of Swords: Fever (#1.3)" (2000)
Guard: Colonel Montoya wants you.
Dr. Robert Helm: I'm working.
Guard: [cocking his pistol] It's not a request!
Dr. Robert Helm: Does the Colonel want me in attendance or in a coffin?
[Helm grabs the soldier's gun and drops it in a water bucket]

[someone set an explosion destroying the doctor's office and his supply of fever medicine]
Dr. Robert Helm: You're not dying of fever, Colonel; someone is killing you with it. Who wants you dead?
Col. Luis Montoya: Many want me dead, but most are dogs who would not dare turn on their master.
Dr. Robert Helm: All it takes is one.

[Dr. Helm saves the Queen's life by shooting the sword from Grisham's hand]
The Queen of Swords: That was a remarkable shot, doctor.
Dr. Robert Helm: I'll send you my bill in the morning.

Col. Luis Montoya: What was that concoction, Doctor?
Dr. Robert Helm: Salicylic acid from willow bark.
Col. Luis Montoya: [toasting] Dr. Helm - whose bark is much better than his bite.

[last lines]
Marta: Dr. Helm informs me that it was actually the Queen of Swords who recovered the medicine for him.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: The Queen of Swords?
Dr. Robert Helm: Yes.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: Is that true?
Dr. Robert Helm: Yes, it is.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: I thought she was a criminal.
Dr. Robert Helm: Who knows what goes on in her mind.
Maria Teresa Alvarado: Come on, Doctor. What do you think?
Dr. Robert Helm: I think it's best never to rush to a diagnosis. Ladies...

"Queen of Swords: Honor Thy Father (#1.8)" (2000)
[the Queen of Swords points her dagger at Dr. Helm when she catches him searching a bookcase for the lever to open a secret door]
The Queen of Swords: Let me guess. You stopped by to borrow a book?
Dr. Robert Helm: Since when did that become a capital offense?

[Dr. Helm picks the treasury room lock with the Queen's dagger]
The Queen of Swords: Where did you learn to do that?
Dr. Robert Helm: You tell me your secrets, I'll tell you mine.
The Queen of Swords: Maybe next time.

Dr. Robert Helm: You're strong - that's what saved you.
Churi: Not my strength - yours... and hers.
[Dr. Helm turns and sees the Queen of Swords standing in the shadows]

Dr. Robert Helm: That soldier you killed...
The Queen of Swords: He was trying to shoot you.
Dr. Robert Helm: You don't *ever* have permission to kill for me.
The Queen of Swords: I thought I was saving your life.
Dr. Robert Helm: By taking another! Who the hell do you think you are? Only God has the power of life and death.
The Queen of Swords: And doctors.