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Erastes Fulmen (Character)
from "Rome" (2005)

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"Rome: Passover (#2.1)" (2007)
Titus Pullo: [Pullo asks about the whereabouts of Vorenus' children] Tell him. If they're not harmed, you may yet live.
Erastes: Oh, you think so?

Erastes: I took your children in payment for your many slights to me. I fucked them. Then I killed them. And then I threw them in the river.
Lucius Vorenus: Aaaargh!
[chopps Erastes Fulmens head off]

"Rome: Triumph (#1.10)" (2005)
[Erastes Fulmen finds Pullo drunk and despondent in a tavern]
Erastes Fulmen: Titus Pullo. You look tired, my friend.
Titus Pullo: I'm drunk.
Erastes Fulmen: These are hard times for war veterans.
Titus Pullo: You're right there.
Erastes Fulmen: Too many soldiers back in Rome. Not enough work to go round. It's a sad situation. But it's a crime to see a man of your ability unemployed.
Titus Pullo: I'm doing fine. Plenty of irons in the fire.
Erastes Fulmen: Well, if your prospects don't work out, you can ask on any street in the Aventine for Erastes Fulmen. I'll always have a job for you.
Titus Pullo: I'm a soldier, not a murderer.
Erastes Fulmen: These days, Pullo, is there really any difference?
[he drops a coin on the counter]
Erastes Fulmen: Have a drink on me. When you've sobered up, come and see me. We'll talk a little business.

"Rome: The Ram Has Touched the Wall (#1.5)" (2005)
[annoyed by a henchman's whistling]
Erastes Fulmen: Enough of that Teuton droning! If you wanna whistle like somebody's bum boy, whistle a good Roman song at least.