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Dillon (Character)
from "Ballykissangel" (1996)

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"Ballykissangel: With a Song in My Heart (#5.10)" (1999)
[first lines]
Fr. MacAnally: Have you done any choral singing, Brendan? I hear you have a great voice.
Brendan: I have. But an even greater thirst.
Fr. MacAnally: And how about you, Sean?
Sean Dillon: I can't sing a note.
Fr. MacAnally: A parish populated by crows.
Brendan: Perennial search for a choir.

[last lines]
Niamh: You meant it.
Sean Dillon: Yeah.
Niamh: Please, say it again, please.
Sean Dillon: Will you marry me?
Niamh: I love you.

"Ballykissangel: All Bar One (#4.1)" (1998)
[last lines]
Sean Dillon: They've all been wondering where you were.
Fr. Aidan: That right? And here's me wondering where I am.

"Ballykissangel: Behind Bars (#5.6)" (1999)
Sean Dillon: Tell me about the house.
Niamh Egan: It's nothing special. It's at the edge of the city near the sea. The main thing is, is there's a garden for Kieran and room for Barney.
Sean Dillon: How is he?
Niamh Egan: Hungry. Noisy. Messy.
Sean Dillon: And Barney?
Niamh Egan: I meant Barney.

"Ballykissangel: It's a Family Affair (#4.7)" (1998)
[first lines]
Emma Dillon: You did feed him, didn't you?
Sean Dillon: Yeah.
Emma Dillon: Did he eat much?
Sean Dillon: Good bit.
Emma Dillon: He hasn't touched it.
Sean Dillon: Well, maybe he's not hungry.
Emma Dillon: Hmm, I wonder why.
Sean Dillon: Emma, don't start.
Emma Dillon: Dad, he's not my horse; he's Danny's. Give him back.