Emma Thatcher
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Emma Thatcher (Character)
from Emma (1932)

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Emma (1932)
Emma: Stop calling me beautiful!

Emma: [to Matilda] If you intend to work in the swell, smart families, you've got to learn to be deaf and blind. It isn't enough that you should just be dumb.

Emma: I have a voice that only a deaf mother could love.

Emma: You'll get your feet wet, and forget to change your socks.

Emma: I was never so happy in my life, I never had anything like this. When people like we, well, grow old, we've had all the bad things in life and then when the good things come... they seem so much better.

Isabelle as a Child: [to her brother] Don't be silly, Bill, storks don't bring babies!
Emma: Oh, you don't know anything about it.
Isabelle as a Child: Oh, don't I?
Emma: [turns around and glares at Isabelle]