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Graham (Character)
from "Swamp Thing" (1990)

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"Swamp Thing: Hide in the Night (#3.15)" (1992)
Graham: You know stella was always coming in here, feeding the mutants...

Graham: You killed Stella!
Dr. Anton Arcane: Then the experiment worked? Fantastic!

"Swamp Thing: Heart of the Mantis (#3.38)" (1993)
Dr. Anton Arcane: It's cologne, Graham. I do wear cologne.
Graham: Maybe it's just the intensity.

"Swamp Thing: The Specter of Death (#3.27)" (1993)
Dr. Anton Arcane: This could be one of my most astonishing discoveries to date. Life after death!
Graham: Well, actually Doctor, I was kind of hoping, well, that we, well, might, well, that we might share the credit on this, well, after all, I did do all the preliminary work on this, on my own, unsupervised, and...
Dr. Anton Arcane: You heard him, Graham. He didn't say Graham, did he Graham, he said Arcane, I want you. It is me they're trying to contact. Graham. And to hell with this bloody experiment! If I'm to be denied the secrets of immortality, so be it! I shall contact General Sunderland, get instructions for mastering the hereafter. This is marvelous, Graham! Absolutely bloody marvelous!
Graham: Yeah, marvelous.