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Steve Jordan (Character)
from Up the River (1930)

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Up the River (1930)
Morris: [In the prison: recognizing another inmate, one who apparently caused him to end up in prison] Jessell!
Jessell, man who caused Morris' incarceration: Well, if it ain't little Morris! So YOU'RE here?
Morris: Yes, I'm here. And YOU'RE here, too, where you belong.
Jessell, man who caused Morris' incarceration: Ah, ya' got me all wrong, kid. I lost more money on that horse than YOU did.
Morris: Did you, Jessell? Did you lose your position and money and friends? And mother?... She died at my trial. You killed her. If it hadn't been for you...
Jessell, man who caused Morris' incarceration: Shut up, ya' little swine! You were a thief long before I knew ya'!
Morris: [Lunges and grabs Jessel] That's a lie! Take it back! Take it back!
Steve Jordan: [Jumping in to break it up] Cut it out! Cut it out!
Steve Jordan: Go on, scram!
[Shoves Jessel away; Jessel runs off, Morris remains with downcast look on face]
Steve Jordan: .
Steve Jordan: Don't do that... Come on, don't take it so hard.
Morris: I can't help it. How did your family feel?
Steve Jordan: [Pensively pausing] Well, they don't know. I changed my name... They think I'm in China.
Morris: How'd you do that?
Steve Jordan: Well, I got friends out there. They forward my letters home and cable my folks once a month.
[Loud prison bell rings]
Steve Jordan: I'll see ya' around. I work in the office over there. I gotta' lot of new fish comin' in. You know - associates, inmates. Come on, son. Buck up, boy.
[Gives Morris a reassuring pat and heads off]

Saint Louis: Steve, you're on the square with Judy, aren't ya'?
Steve Jordan: You bet I am!
Saint Louis: That's all we wanted to know.