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Sissy Baker (Character)
from Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)

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Jason Lives: Friday the 13th Part VI (1986)
Sissy Baker: You mean the Jason of Camp Blood?
Tommy Jarvis: Yes.
Sheriff Garris: No.

Paula: You guys, I'm getting worried.
Cort: About Jason?
Paula: No, about Darren and Lizbeth. They should've at least called, don't you think? Megan?
Megan: What?
Paula: Hello?
Megan: Yeah.
Sissy Baker: This girl's back in the jail cell with her prisoner of love. Don't be messing with no crazy jailbird, girl. Those dudes are bad news.
Megan: And how do you know?
Sissy Baker: I've been around long enough to see plenty on TV.
Megan: TV?

Megan: Maybe he was telling the truth. Just because our parents keep telling us that Jason was only a legend doesn't mean it wasn't true. What if he did come back here, looking for the camp counselor that caused him to drown as a boy, searching for the one that decapitated his vengeful mother? And you do know what today's date is, don't you? And I can think of only one thing even more terrifying.
Cort: What?
[Megan points at the school bus of kids]
Cort: Yay, the kids are here.
Bus Monitor: Here they are, and they're all yours.
Sissy Baker: Think I'd rather deal with old Jason.

Sissy Baker: [Dealing cards] Let's play another game; it's called "Camp Blood"
Paula: [unenthusiastically] Great.
Paula: See, each face card represents a counselor. The Queen of Hearts is me. Now which one do you want?
Paula: Sissy, I don't want to play.
Sissy Baker: Okay, you can be the Queen of Diamonds. Now, we take this Jack, which is Jason and shuffle him into these piles which represent cabins. The goal of the game is to find out which cabin Jason is in!