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The Giant (Character)
from Jack and the Beanstalk (2009)

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Fun & Fancy Free (1947)
Willie the Giant: [pointing at one of the lines on his hand] But what's this here? What is it? What is it?
Mickey Mouse: Uh-oh! I can't believe it!
Willie the Giant: Is it bad?
Mickey Mouse: Why, i-i-it says here that you can change yourself into anything!
Willie the Giant: Sure, sure! You wanna see me? I can change myself into the darndest things! Go on, gimme somethin'. Anything!
Mickey Mouse: Anything?
Willie the Giant: Anything!
Edgar Bergen: See? Mickey never misses a trick. He's got a good idea.
Mickey Mouse: Well, uh. Can you change into a fly?
Willie the Giant: A cute, teeny-weeny, itsy-bitsy housefly?
Mickey Mouse: That's it! A housefly!
Willie the Giant: Aww, you don't want a fly! How about a bunny with long, pink ears?
Mickey Mouse: Huh! Well, of course, if you can't do a fly, why, uh...
Willie the Giant: All right. A fly.
[suddenly loudly]
Willie the Giant: WHY?
Mickey Mouse: Well, uh... because.
Willie the Giant: Okay. A teeny-weeny fly... with pink wings! Now for the magic wordies. Fe, fi, fo, fum. He, hi, ho, hum. I'm a most amazing guy. Te, ti, te, ti, te, ti.
[transforms into a bunny]
Willie the Giant: You sure you don't want a pink bunny?
[notices that Mickey, Donald and Goofy have a fly swatter]
Willie the Giant: Hey, what is this? You think you fool Willie.

Willie the Giant: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum... I smell...
Charlie McCarthy: You're telling us.

Willie the Giant: Pot roast! Chocolate pot roast, with stispacio... with dismashnee... with dismash... with green gravy.

Willie the Giant: [lifts the roof off of Edgar Bergen's house] Hey, has anybody seen anything of a teensy-weensy, little mouse?
Edgar Bergen: No, I-I-I...
Luana Patten: Oh, Mr. Bergen!
Charlie McCarthy: Bergen, speak to me! Speak to me!
Willie the Giant: What's the matter with him? Something he ate?
Mortimer Snerd: No, it's uh, it's a fig... fig... figmentation of his imagination.
Willie the Giant: No!
Mortimer Snerd: Yeah. Well, good night, Willie. Don't slam the roof. You might wake Mr. Bergen.

Willie the Giant: [singing] Fe, fi, fo, fum / He, hi, ho, hum / I'm a most amazing guy / A most amazing guy am I! / Fe, fi, fo, fum / He, hi, ho, hum / I'm the stuff, I'm telling you! / For here's what I can do / I can change myself into an elf / Fly up high like the birdies / I can disappear into atmosphere - Peekaboo! / 'Cuz I know the magic wordies / Fi, fo, fe, foy / Fe, fe, fe, fe... Fi-Fi? I don't know no Fi-Fi!

[Willie prepares himself a sandwich]
Willie the Giant: Feedee!
[Slices some cheese, taking Mickey but narrowly avoiding Goofy]
Willie the Giant: Fidee!
[Takes a chicken leg]
Willie the Giant: Fodee!
[Takes some onions, narrowly missing Donald]
Willie the Giant: Fum!
[Pours pepper on his sandwich. Mickey sneezes the contents on Willie's face]
Mickey Mouse: Gesundheit!

"Once Upon a Time: Tiny (#2.13)" (2013)
Anton: [of the magic beans] Why do we keep growing them... if nobody ever uses them?
Arlo: [after a long pause] It's what we do.
Anton: We don't do anything with them.
Arlo: It is the labor that makes us who we are, not the fruit that it yields.

Anton: Then at least let me know your name.
Jack: Jacqueline. But... most people call me Jack.
Anton: Nice to meet you, Jack.

Anton: You're human. I hate humans.

Leroy: No one touches our crop.
Anton: Your crop? I thought you guys were miners.
Leroy: Work is work. It's what we do.

[Happy hands Anton a dwarf ax]
Leroy: Here. To help break up the earth.
[on the ax's shaft appears a name]
Anton: "Tiny". My brothers used to call me that.
Leroy: Ax never lies.

Jack and the Beanstalk (1967) (TV)
The Giant: Ah! So this is where ye be!
[looks around]
The Giant: Where-where be ye?

The Giant: Goose! Come back with my princess! Princess! Come back with my goose!

The Giant: And who might you be, tiny one?
Jack: J-J-J-Jack.
The Giant: J-J-J-Jack?
Jack: No, j-just Jack.

The Giant: Fe, fi, fo, fum!
Jeremy Keen, Proprietor: For a great, big giant you're really dumb!

Jack-Wabbit and the Beanstalk (1943)
Giant: Trying to pull a fast one on me, eh? Well he can't outsmart me, because I'm a moron.

Giant: You think you're pretty C-A-T smart, don't ya?

[last lines]
Giant: Look out for that first step. It's a lulu.

Bugs Bunny: [Nervously] Eh, what's up doc?
Giant: Duh, caught ya choppin' up my victory garden, huh?, Well don't try nuttin' funny cuz I got ya covered!
[Pulls out a gun]
Bugs Bunny: [to the Giant] Hey come here Gulliver!, I want to tell you something, come here!
[Giant leans over towards him]
Giant: [Bugs takes off his glove and slaps him with it] Duh, duh now why did you wanna go and do that for huh?
Bugs Bunny: You want to fight fair don't you? That means that I challenge you to a duel!
Giant: Duh, duel? uh, oh yeah!, okay!

Jack and the Beanstalk (1952)
[repeated line]
The Giant: Fee-Fi-Fo-Fum I smell the blood of an Englishman. Be he alive or be he dead, I'll grind his bones to make my bread.

The Giant: You numbskull! I can't eat, you ruined my appetite.
Jack: Oh Mr Giant, you should eat something.
The Giant: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Jack: No, no,
The Giant: Oh yeah.
Jack: Oh no, no. Mr. Dinkelpuss! Mr. Dinkelpuss!

"Once Upon a Time: Tallahassee (#2.6)" (2012)
Emma Swan: You have a compass. I need it.
The Giant: You're gonna kill me either way. Go ahead. Kill me.
Emma Swan: You don't know me.
The Giant: I know your kind. They massacred us and destroyed our beans.
Emma Swan: I heard it the other way.
The Giant: It's because the victors get to tell the story.

Emma Swan: What's this? Is this a bean? Can this make a portal?
The Giant: Not anymore. It was destroyed, like the rest of 'em. I wear it as a reminder - a reminder that you're all killers.
[Emma threatens the giant once more with the deadly sword]
Emma Swan: You're wrong.
[and leaves]

"Once Upon a Time: Lacey (#2.19)" (2013)
[Emma is being shown the magic bean plantation]
David Nolan: We kept it a secret to protect the crop. Mother Superior, she cloaked the area. That way, Anton can do what he does best.
Anton: Actually, you haven't seen me play darts, but, uh... yeah, I do this pretty good.

Happily N'Ever After (2006)
Frieda: Go forth! Find Cinderella, and bring her to me!
Wolf #1: [pauses] Us? Work?
Wolf #2: Before NOON?
Giant: Yes, well, ah, we're more nocturnal villains. You see, that means we operate at night.