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Stuart (Character)
from Taken (2008/I)

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Taken 3 (2014)
Stuart St. John: I'd like to help.
Casey: Ah, you're gonna help all right. Like bait helps to catch a shark.

Stuart St. John: Please, don't hate me. I'm not responsible for what happened.
Kim Mills: I don't hate you, Stuart. But for the last two years, every time I looked into my mom's eyes the only thing I saw was hurt and sadness. And for that, I do hold you responsible.

Stuart St. John: So, what's the plan?
Bryan Mills: The plan is to make sure my daughter is safe. And the only way to do that, so it seems... is to eliminate the thing that will make her unsafe.
Stuart St. John: Malankov.
Casey: Good one, Stuart.
Stuart St. John: I'd like to help.
Casey: You're gonna help, alright. Like bait helps to catch a shark.

Kim Mills: What? My mom is dead because of one of your shitty business deals?
Stuart St. John: No, no, no. Kim, that's not what happened.
Kim Mills: I knew it! Let me go! It's his fault! He killed her! He killed her!
Bryan Mills: We need him... We need him.

Bryan Mills: All your problems solved. All your worries over. But it didn't quite work out that way.
Stuart St. John: [hears the police coming and starts laughing] Oh, listen, Bryan. They're coming. You can't kill me now.
Bryan Mills: Oh, yeah?
Kim Mills: Dad.
Bryan Mills: I know you know a lot of people... and with a good lawyer, you'll get out of jail in a few years. And then I'll come for you. I'll find you. And we both know what's gonna happen.