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Mrs. Berlingot (Character)
from The Blue Bird (1940)

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The Blue Bird (1940)
Mrs. Berlingot: Angela! Angela, close that window! You know better than that!
Angela Berlingot: But it's Mytyl. She's got a bird.
Mrs. Berlingot: Yes, yes, but you're sick enough, dear, without catching your death of cold. Now close the window.
Angela Berlingot: Oh, Mother, I've always wanted a bird like this. Please ask her to give it to me.
Mrs. Berlingot: That one, she'd never give anybody anything.

Mrs. Berlingot: Angela! You're up! You're walking!
Angela Berlingot: Yes, Mother. Look, it's Mytyl's bird. She's given it to me.
Mytyl: It's the blue bird, Mrs. Berlingot.
Mrs. Berlingot: Oh, Angela, I can't believe it! It's a miracle. I must go and tell your father!
Angela Berlingot: Can I hold it now, Mytyl? Oh, it's so soft and warm! Will - Oh, Mytyl, it's gone! Oh, it got away!
Mytyl: Don't cry. We'll find it again.
Angela Berlingot: Oh no, we can't. We can't ever.
Mytyl: Oh yes, we can, Angela. I'm sure of it. Because now, we know where to look for it, don't we?

The Blue Bird (1918)
Widow Berlingot: My little sick daughter thinks that your bird might bring her happiness...