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Mr. Neck (Character)
from Speak (2004)

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Speak (2004)
Melinda Sordino: [voiceover] We're studying American history for the ninth time in nine years. Every year they say we're gonna get right up to the present but we always get stuck in the industrial revolution.
Mr. Neck: My family has been in this country for over 200 years. We built this place. We fought in every war, from the first one to the last one, paid our taxes and voted. So tell me *why* my son can't get a job?
[a number of students raise their hand but he ignores them]
Mr. Neck: Reverse discrimination. He wanted to be a firefighter. Went up for the job but he didn't get it. What I'm suggesting here is maybe if we had closed our boarders in 1900 then real americans would get the jobs they deserved.
[the Native American student raises his hand but the teacher points to Heather]
Mr. Neck: Young lady.
Heather: Um, I think that we're all foreigners and should just give the country back to the native americans.
Mr. Neck: Now we have a debate, don't we? "Native Americans"?
black student: Maybe your son didn't get the job because he wasn't good enough. Or maybe he's lazy. Or maybe the other guy was just better than him.
Mr. Neck: Watch your mouth, mister. That's my son you're talking about. You know what? That's enough debate. Everybody take out your book.
[Dave stands up to speak]
Mr. Neck: Mr. Petrakis, please take your seat.
David Petrakis: If the class is debating then each student has the right to say what's on his mind.
Mr. Neck: I decide who talks in here, Mr. Petrakis.
David Petrakis: You opened a debate, you can't close it just because it's not going your way.
Mr. Neck: Watch me! Take your seat, Mr. Petrakis!
David Petrakis: The constitution does not recognize different levels of citizenship based upon the time spent in the country. As a citizen and a student I'm protesting the tone of this lesson as racist, intolerant, and zenophobic.
Mr. Neck: Sit your butt in that chair, Mr Petrakis, and watch your mouth! I try to get this debate going and you people turn it into a "race" thing. Sit down, Mr. Petrakis, or you're gonna go down to the principal's office.
[Dave walks out of the room]
Melinda Sordino: [voiceover] Dave Petrakis is my new hero.

Melinda Sordino: Excuse me, sir? Um, I was wondering if... uh, I was j...
Mr. Neck: Come on, Sordino. Spit it out. You have to learn to enunciate. Or else no one will listen.
Melinda Sordino: I was wondering if there was any way I can raise my grade?
Mr. Neck: Parents got the report card, huh?
Melinda Sordino: No, I just wanted to.
Mr. Neck: Why should I give you that chance?
Melinda Sordino: Everyone deserves a second chance. I mean, isn't that what Jesus said?
Mr. Neck: Are you being smart with me?
[shakes her head]
Mr. Neck: OK. I'm feeling generous. Just because I don't wanna have to see your face in summer school. Write me a report on a cultural influence at the turn of the century. And it better be good.
Melinda Sordino: It will be.
Melinda Sordino: [voiceover] I'll write about the suffragettes. Before they came along women were treated like dogs.

David Petrakis: The suffragettes fought for their right to speak. They were attacked, arrested and thrown in jail for daring to do what they wanted to do. Like them, Melinda is willing to stand up for what she believes. That no one should be forced to give speeches.
Mr. Neck: What is this?
David Petrakis: Melinda has to deliver her report to the class as part of the assignment. She made copies everyone can read.
Mr. Neck: Oh, no you don't. When I say oral I mean oral. Now you
Mr. Neck: sit down! And *you*
Mr. Neck: read that report. Open your mouth Sordino. Open your damn mouth!
[Melinda remains silent]
Mr. Neck: I am so sick of your attitude.
[he drags her by the arm to the principal's office]
Melinda Sordino: [voice over] I forgot the suffragettes were hauled off to jail. Duh!

Mr. Neck: There is no kissing in the hallway!

Andy Evans: [forcefully] So I raped you? I could have any girl in this school I wanted. Willingly! Why would I rape you? You're not even attractive.
Melinda Sordino: [tries to run but is grabbed by Andy] No! No, no!
Andy Evans: You really screwed things up for me! You know that?
Melinda Sordino: No, help me!
Andy Evans: You are going to go to every single person in this school and tell them that you lied!
[Melinda throws chemicals in Andy's eyes]
Andy Evans: Ah! My eyes!
Melinda Sordino: [screaming] No! Get off of me! Get off!
Nicole: [from outside of the closet] What's going on in there? Open this door right now!
[sees Melinda holding a shard of glass to Andy's neck]
Nicole: Come out, Melinda.
[to Andy]
Nicole: What the hell is wrong with you?
Andy Evans: [panting in pain] Um.
Nicole: Answer me! Everybody knows what you did. Say something, asshole!
Andy Evans: [Melinda walks away] Please, no!
Nicole: Don't move!
Andy Evans: I can't see!
Nicole: You're not going anywhere.
Andy Evans: Please move! I can't see anything!
Mr. Neck: [yells down the hall] Hey! What's going on down there?
[to Melinda]
Mr. Neck: What happened? Melinda?

Mr. Neck: You got a hall pass, young lady? Come here. Hustle, young lady!
[Melinda runs to Mr. Neck]
Mr. Neck: 7 minutes passed grace period. Name? Don't make this difficult. Name?
Melinda Sordino: Melinda Sordino.
Mr. Neck: Grade?
Melinda Sordino: Ninth.
Mr. Neck: That's one demerit, Sordino. Get to class.