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Cambreau (Character)
from Strange Cargo (1940)

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Strange Cargo (1940)
André Verne: It don't make sense, here, this one will start you talking to yourself, listen,"So, God created man in his own image." How do you like that? Now, take a look at me. Do I look like a god to you? This forsaken place is full of gods, I suppose. Only, they're not working at it right now, they're gods' on a holiday! Answer that one.
Cambreau: It sounds simple enough. I think it means that each man has some of the qualities of God inside him, if he wants them and if he looks for them.

Telez: Obviously, you know men, how evil they are. Only God is good.
Cambreau: But, the good in man is God, Telez.
Telez: Only God is good. Only God can forgive. They stole my crucifix, Cambreau. Without it, I'm lost. I'm afraid.
Cambreau: A crucifix is a piece of wood, Telez. Only a piece of wood. The miracle is not in the wood, but, in the heart.