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Quotes for
Julie (Character)
from Strange Cargo (1940)

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Strange Cargo (1940)
André Verne: Whenever you want sanctuary, babe, here's where you'll find it.
[tapping thumb to chest]
André Verne: Right here, in the ol' temple.
Julie: Don't tap your heart, you'll break your finger. And if you're sanctuary, I'll take whatever else is lying around.

Julie: And as for going around with you, I still pick my own gutters

André Verne: So you outsmarted me, huh?
Julie: That's what happens, they tell me, when smart people get together. One of them winds up ahead.

Julie: Don't give me any of that Sister-come-to-Salvation. Look, I'm not buying any. I know the routine. It starts out with a prayer, and ends up with a Bible in one hand and me in the other!

Julie: When you've drifted as much as I have then you're glad to drop anchor - even if it is in the mud.

André Verne: A woman'd be a chump to go on with a guy like me, wouldn't she? What could she win? It's what you call makin' it the hard way. You can't travel that way, can ya baby?
Julie: Maybe that's it. But you'd do me a favor and drag me along with you anyway, wouldn't ya? From sewer to sewer.
André Verne: But on plush cushions!

André Verne: I said, where you from, baby?
Julie: Marseille.
André Verne: Marseille? Hmm, hot blue nights, the right kind of music, it's a date.
Julie: A romantic convict. What are you in for? Stealing doilies?

André Verne: I'll take all they've got, for a little of this. I don't know what you'll look like tomorrow, but right now, baby, you're the most beautiful dame in the world. Does that mean anything to you?
Julie: Not a thing!
André Verne: No. Supposing I wasn't a convict? Supposing I was sailing through on my yacht or a guy selling brushes?
Julie: Yeah, suppose I was Snow White!

Julie: Remember this Pig, you're the one man in the world I could never get low enough to touch. Now, get outta here and leave me alone!

Moll: I see you brought a friend along with you, too. Always room for one more in the boat.
Julie: And if there isn't, you can always stay behind.
Moll: We'll cut up our rations with you and our water. What do you say?
André Verne: Big-hearted, ain't you Moll.
Moll: Why not. We're all together, aren't we? Everything is share and share alike, with us. With all of us, ain't it! With everything.
André Verne: Sure it is, with everything that's yours if not mine. Do you get that, Moll? And do you get it, you mugs? Take a good look, because that's all that any of you are going to get.