David Sutton
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David Sutton (Character)
from Possessed (1947)

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Possessed (1947)
David Sutton: The mathematical chances of you killing me are very slim.

Carol Graham: I'm not late, am I?
David Sutton: No, I just came in early to make a few practice swings.

Carol Graham: How many have you had?
David Sutton: Oooh... easily!

David Sutton: My liver rushes in where angels fear to tread!

David Sutton: Tommy, you may take a short rest and then start mixing me another!

David Sutton: I'm sorry Louise I seldom hit a woman, but if you don't leave me alone I'll wind up kicking babies.

Louise: [on meeting again after long separation] Aren't you going to kiss me?
David Sutton: I had no plans one way or the other.
Louise: All right, then. Go ahead and kiss me. You don't have to mean it.
David Sutton: [gives her the briefest peck]
Louise: I didn't expect you to mean it *that* little.
David Sutton: When a woman kisses me, Louise, she has to take pot luck.

Louise: You've changed, David. Something's changed you.
David Sutton: No. We were through before I went to Canada. I suppose I *should* have put that in writing.
Louise: But now you're hard, and bitter.
David Sutton: Bored, I think, would be a bit closer to it.