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Quotes for
Turk (Character)
from Righteous Kill (2008)

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Righteous Kill (2008)
[from trailer]
Turk: You don't become a cop because you want to serve and protect. You join the force because they let you carry a gun and a badge. You do it because you get respect.

[from trailer]
Turk: Most people respect the badge. Everyone respects the gun.

Dr. Prosky: How do you feel when You've fired your weapon?
Turk: Dirty Harry said there's nothing wrong with a little shooting, as long as the right people get shot.
Dr. Prosky: And when the wrong people get shot?
Turk: It sucks... but I'd rather be in than out.

[from trailer]
Turk: When you walk outside, watch your back.

Turk: [voiceover] A real chip off the old block, my daughter. She said I was a cop, and a good one. Funny... Rooster said the same thing.

Rooster: So long, Tom.
Turk: Where are you going?
Rooster: I dunno. To hell, I suppose.

Turk: Do you like poetry?
Charles Randall: Yeah, I do. Roses are red, violets are blue. I wanna poke your fucking eyes out with my dick, you fuck.

Turk: My name is David Fisk, detective first grade. I've been a cop in the NYPD for over thirty years, in that time I've killed 14 people.

Turk: [Note from Rambo's murder scene] He trades in sin, distributes flesh, He picks his fruit when it is fresh, Now someone must slap his whore, His heart has stopped he breathes no more.

Lieutenant Hingis: I'm tellin' you, you screw it up badly enough they may try to fuck you outta your pension. You wanna risk that?
Rooster: Yeah.
Turk: Fuck yeah.

[Last Line]
Turk: My daughter called. She was upset about Rooster and worried about me. She asked me if I was likely to do something stupid, and I said 'like what, take anger management classes or retire?' I said I was going to do the same old thing I always do. She said 'Good, what else could you do?' I said 'Right.' A real chip off the old block, my daughter. She said I was a cop and a good one. Funny, Rooster said the same thing.

[first lines]
Rooster: One, between the eye!
Turk: Two, between the eye!