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Annie (Character)
from "Being Human" (2008)

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"Being Human: Where the Wild Things Are (#1.5)" (2009)
Seth: What the cock is that?
Annie: I'm a ghost, actually.
Seth: Get out. Can you like, move things about and, y'know, walk from one room to another?
George: [pause] Yeah, I'm pretty sure everyone can do that.

George Sands: [Hits a vampire over the head] Who wants some of my chair?
Annie: [pause] Totally should have prepared something.

Annie: [about to walk through a door to the other side] Oh, it's cold.
George: [There's a knock on the door. George and Annie scream] There's someone behind the door!
Mitchell: No, no, no, it's all right. It's the other door.
Annie: What?
Mitchell: It's the front door.
Annie: Oh my bloody God.
George: I actually let out a little bit of wee there.

[Mitchell, Annie, and George are trying to escape from the vampires' lair]
Mitchell: Annie! Get away from here!
Annie: No! I'm not going to leave you!
George: Annie, just go!
[Flashes his Star of David at Seth]
Seth: That's not going to work this time, Digby. There's too many of us.
Mitchell: Let them go, Seth. If you let them go, I swear I won't run.
Seth: [ripping sound is heard] Ow...
[Seth looks down to see a wooden stake protruding from his chest. He then collapses and dies]
Lauren: Well, he won't be staring at my tits when he speaks to me anymore.

George: All right, well, could I just, um, state for the record that, uh, I understand why you're doing this, but I don't want you to go?
Annie: [a little taken aback] Noted.

Annie: I want to scare him, to make him... cry and beg and scream. It's not just about justice. It's more jagged than that. Is that wrong?
George: It's human. Not everything about being human is nice.

Annie: Look, if I wanted to keep you here I would have chopped your feet off.
Janey: [Later] I'm seeing things! It's Annie, she's here. Owen, she was going to chop my feet off!
Annie: Okay, that is totally out of context.

Annie: There's a question you haven't asked yourself yet. If I exist, what else does? You think you're the big bad wolf? You should see George on a full moon. You think you're a cold-blooded murderer? Mitchell was killing eighty years before you were even born. Don't you get it yet? I'm just the tip of the iceberg. I'm good cop. Look at you, so pleased with your grubby little murder. Fact is, when it comes to pure, naked evil, you're an amateur. I want you to know you've wandered off the path. This is where the wild things are, and we've got your scent now. We can find you at the edge of the earth and create unimaginable tortures, and now I'm going to tell you the very worst thing in the world, something only the dead know.
[Whispers to him]
Owen: [horrified] That's not true!
Annie: I've seen it. My advice to you? Find a safe place with locks and bad dogs, and never, *ever* turn out the light.

Mitchell: [as Annie stands before the portal to the afterlife] You're lucky. Most people don't get a chance to say goodbye.
Annie: I know, but... fucking Hell!
George: No, you might want to have different last words.

Owen: Hey Annie? That the best you got? I knew it. I fucking knew it. All that stuff happening at my house. I thought it was just... guilt.
[He laughs]
Owen: See I should have known that even death wouldn't be a match for one of your sulks. I mean that's what this is, isn't it? It's the Isle of Wight all over again.
Annie: A sulk? You killed me.

George: More jam?
Annie: How many is that now?
George: That's eleven jars. I wonder what it is about us that says we need jam.
Annie: It's a gesture. They feel guilty.
George: Yeah. So is writing "pedo" on the front door.

Annie: I went ahead to check the coast was clear!
Mitchell: Is it?
Annie: Very much not.
Mitchell: Well did anyone see you?
[There's banging at the door]
Annie: Possibly.

George: [about Owen discovering Annie] He didn't freak out? At all?
Annie: It makes sense really when you think about it. We were expecting him to react like a sane person, even though this is someone who killed his fiancé, concealed it, and then rented out the crime scene.

George: Annie? Annie? Annie! We've got to rescue Mitchell. The thing with the vampires? Oh my god! It's a lot worse than we thought. So this woman, at the hospital, she's fr- No, I'll tell you on the way. They're based at an undertakers. Stereotypes clearly hold no fear for these people.
[Rummaging through drawers]
George: I have no idea what, what I'm looking for. Something to, something to defend myself with, but you know, so far I have a whisk and my- and my... mobile phone recharger.
[Tries them out]
George: I mean what do we take? Do we take crosses and garlic? I know, we should have watched more films! We should, you should grab something... Um, any, any time you want to chip in, say something constructive, do feel free.
Annie: I can't
George: I'm sorry? What did you say?
Annie: It's beaten me. I can't... move. I can't... Owen's won. I can't touch him. He just keeps on killing me.
George: Okay. First off, you need to stop talking. Then you need to stand up and *help*.
Annie: You don't understand.
George: No! Mitchell, our friend, needs you. Your friend. So if you can't do this then you have done to yourself the one thing Owen could never do. Because then you have finally died.

"Being Human: Pilot (#1.0)" (2008)
Annie: Uh, you don't have to keep going on about it, me being a ghost, it's a bit rude. If someones fat and you're like 'you're fat'.
George Sands: Oh, I'm sorry maybe I'm just a bit tetchy, because you just tried to scare me out of my house.

John Mitchell: How did you die Annie?
Annie: Quickly.

Annie: Hiya.
John Mitchell: Have you been sitting there long?
Annie: Define long.
John Mitchell: An hour?
Annie: Then yeah.

Julia: Are you one of him too?
Annie: No, I'm something else.
Julia: What?
Annie: A ghost.
Julia: A ghost?
Annie: I'm not a fan of the word.

John Mitchell: So, you've just arrived at Hogwarts, which house do they put you in?
George Sands: I'd like to say Gryffindor, but they're supposed to be brave. What's the other one? Ravenclaw, does that have a characteristic?
John Mitchell: I think they're brainy. You could be in Ravenclaw.
Annie: I quite fancy Hufflepuff actually. I've always thought in Hufflepuff they just spend the day making stuff with safety scissors and glitter.
George Sands: What about you?
John Mitchell: I think that they'd say. It's probably best if you just stay in the canteen for the next five years.
Annie: Does anyone ever 'choose' Slytherin?
George Sands: No, because that would be like saying 'I'm a sociopath.'

George Sands: Okay, you win ten million pounds; what do you do?
Annie: Buy Colin Firth.

Annie: You've seen them too, haven't you? The corridor with the men at the end with sticks and rope.

Annie: But normal people can't see me.
George Sands: We are perfectly normal, thank you.
Annie: Er, sorry but by normal I meant: doesn't turn into the Littlest Hobo once a month.

John Mitchell: She's a ghost.
Annie: And your point being?

Annie: I quite fancy Hufflepuff, actually. I've always thought, in Hufflepuff they always spend the day making stuff with safety scissors and glitter.

Annie: Ah well, you shouldn't be eating bacon anyway, should you - you're Jewish.
George Sands: Yeah, I gave up on the whole orthodoxy thing when I started turning into a wolf.
Annie: Do they have rules about being a werewolf as well?
George Sands: I think you'd be hard pressed to find a religion that doesn't frown on it.
John Mitchell: What about the Moonies?

Annie: Seems like with George and Mitchell I have been feeling like... Before them I was all alone, like drowning. But now just being recognised by someone, being liked and known. Looks like that's what makes you real.

"Being Human: In the Morning (#2.6)" (2010)
Robin: One minute I'm standing in the wings watching The Widow Twanky belt out a chorus of La Vida Loca, the next, BANG, flat out on my back with every hair on my body standing to attention.
Annie: Gosh, that's awful!
Robin: It was a terrible shock.
Annie: Yeah, I bet it was.
Robin: No. I mean literally, it was a terrible shock. That's what killed me. Coroner said as if I'd been struck by lightning.

Mitchell: [arguing with Annie over George leaving] I don't want him to go, either.
Annie: Then don't let him!
Mitchell: We can't keep him prisoner.
Annie: We do have a cage.

Annie: I like it, the three of us. It's us against the world.
George: I don't want to be against the world anymore. It gets so tiring. I want to be part of it.

George: Annie, I don't understand. I thought you were fine with this. Come here, you big silly bear.
Annie: I *was* fine with "this". When I thought "this" was a notion. But now you're out viewing actual proper non-imaginary houses.
George: You thought it was a notion?
Annie: Yes! George, I didn't think you would seriously go through with it. I thought the moment would just pass. You know, like when you decided you were going to wear skinny jeans.
Mitchell: Skinny jeans?
George: That was a private conversation.
Mitchell: Seriously?
George: It was a moment of madness.

Annie: You're a ghost?
Robin: Of course I'm a ghost. Who'd you think I was?
Annie: An usher?

Annie: What are you looking for?
George: The bloody phone charger.
Annie: Oh, that's in the oven.
George: Really? Alright. Cheers... What?
Annie: When you said you were viewing houses I started to hide your stuff.
George: Why?
Annie: I thought the more of your stuff I hid then the longer it would take you to leave.
George: Right. How much stuff are we talking about, Annie?

Annie: [Helping Alan with a psychic reading] Alan, Jimmy has a pretty serious message for her. Um, apparently she's getting married again.
Alan Cortez: Jimmy says you're getting married again, Orla.
Orla: Yeah. Well that's why I'm here, really, 'cause I just wanted to check, you know, that he was all right with it.
Jimmy: I'm not.
Annie: Oh, he says he's not.
Alan Cortez: Yeah, he wants you to know that he's not.
Orla: He's what?
Alan Cortez: He's not okay with it.
Orla: And why the fuck would that be?
Annie: Because apparently her new boyfriend is a massive tosser.
[Jimmy whispers again]
Annie: And a sponger.
Alan Cortez: Because your new man is a massive tosser and a sponger. Allegedly.

George: So what are you, just flinging pottery around like a common poltergeist?
Annie: Did you just call me a poltergeist? Mitchell- Mitchell, listen to this. This is classic, this is. Go on. Say it to Mitchell, go on. Say it again, go on.
George: Would you just shut up for a millisecond? Mitchell, Sam and I are viewing a house today.
Annie: Ha! What d'you make of that?
Mitchell: He has to view houses. He's moving out.
Annie: Right. Take his side. You two are just so... gay for each other.

Annie: Red Robin, this is A1. Let me know when we have FO hedge clearance. Over.
Robin: Should be about twenty minutes.
Annie: Do it properly. Over.
Robin: This is Red Robin. We'll have front-of-house clearance in twenty minutes approximately. Over.
Annie: I don't think your heart's really in this, Red Robin. Over.
Robin: Maybe because it's stupid. Over.
Annie: How's it stupid? Over.
Robin: Because I'm standing right next to ya. Besides it doesn't even work. They're not connected to anything.
Annie: Well you are just determined to pick holes in this operation, aren't you?

"Being Human: Flotsam and Jetsam (#1.1)" (2009)
Annie: [Opens front door] Hello!
Pizza Delivery Boy: 12 inch Mess of Meats.
Annie: Oh, thank you.
Mitchell: Great. Keep the change.
[Takes pizza]
Annie: So, um, how long have you been delivering pizzas?
Pizza Delivery Boy: Couple of months?
Annie: And could you ride a moped before or did they teach you?
Pizza Delivery Boy: They taught us. We had to drive round and round the car park.
Annie: I bet you hate pizza. I mean, you get home and your girlfriend's like, "What do you want for tea?" and I bet you're like, "Not pizza!"
Pizza Delivery Boy: I live with my dad.
Annie: Madness. See ya!
[Shuts front door]
Annie: He could see me.
Mitchell: He could SO see you.
Annie: Ahh, it's happening all the time now, and not just with people like you, but with normal people. I was outside putting out the recycling and a van drove past and the guy shouted "Slag!"
Annie: So who wants tea?
George: Ugh.
Annie: What?
George: You keep making tea! Every surface is covered with mugs of tea and coffee. I go to make myself some tea and I can't! There's no mugs, there's no tea, it's all been made! And you can't even drink it! Y-y-you can't drink it; you keep making it! Oh, oh, oh my god, it's driving me INSANE!
Annie: Oh, well, I like my routine. It makes me feel normal.
George: But-but-but you're a ghost!
Annie: Yeah. OK.

George Sands: [Annie's fiancé from when she was living has come to visit] What are you doing? We can hear you.
Annie: I just want to see him. Look, I can sneak down. I can hide.
George Sands: Are you crazy? He will see you and die of shock.
[Annie's face lights up]
George Sands: Annie, that is not an option.

[first lines]
Annie: Everyone dies. Uh, actually, can I start that again? Everyone deserves a death. I WAS going to die of old age. That was the plan. Mitchell was going to go down in a blaze of gunfire and glory, not cold and alone and shit-scared. He didn't think Death would smile at him first. Death was always a certainty, the punch line we could all see coming, but not for Mitchell. For a vampire, death isn't the end but the beginning... So here we are. Overlooked and forgotten. Unnatural and... supernatural. Watching the dance from the sidelines. At least I was surrounded by friends and family. At least I got that bit right. You know the worst thing about being a ghost? It's lonely. You'll give anything for that crumb of comfort. That feel of skin against skin that says, "It's okay. I'm here." It's a hunger. The most basic instinct. You might even drag others into this world of the dead. Even if it means turning them into monsters too. Then there are the ones like George. The ones that should have died. But shattered and bloody, they walk away from the train wreck. But what's the cost? They're scarred. Transformed. They're monsters now too. Aberrations. The stuff of nightmares. The big bad wolf. So. What have we got left to look forward to? Us refugees. The flotsam and jetsam of death. Maybe, if we still deserve such a thing as mercy, we find each other.

Annie: Oh, you both off then?
Mitchell: Yeah, we've got work, and then it's his time of the month.
Annie: Oh. Right. Well. Tell you what, I won't miss that. Used to have to curl up on the sofa, hot water bottle, Pride and Prejudice. Anyone says anything to me I'd bite their head off. Gosh, I suppose in your case that, that is actually quite a possibility, isn't it? You know, biting?

Annie: All right, George? What's happening? I thought it was your time of the month.
Mitchell: It is. He's doing it here.
Annie: Ugh! I just Hoovered!
Mitchell: George, what do you need?
George: Uh, close the curtains, so it can't see the windows. And, uh, put some music on, loud.
Mitchell: Good idea. We'll say there's a party going on. Annie. Anything you don't want broken, put it in your room.
Annie: Uh, and what are we supposed to while he's doing his thing?
Mitchell: Get the hell out.

Annie: [Mitchell allowed Becca to die instead of turning her into a vampire] Do you think he should have saved her?
George: I think he did.

Annie: Okay, I've written a list of questions for you to ask him.
Mitchell: [Reading] "Are you screwing Janey Harris?"
Annie: She always fancied Owen. Trust me, if she had known when I died she'd have been here before the ambulance crew.
Mitchell: [Still reading] Aw. "Has my sister had a baby?".
Annie: Yeah, 'cause they've been trying for ages. I blame her husband. His name's Robin, he works in the post office.
George: Oh my god, has everybody taken stupid pills? This is Annie's ex. Annie's ex who buried her.

Annie: Everyone dies. Actually, can I start that again? Everyone deserves a death.

"Being Human: Long Live the King (#2.3)" (2010)
George: We've been having a house meeting.
Mitchell: Been having a house meeting? Why wasn't I invited?
Annie: Well, if you were ever here then we would've invited you.
Mitchell: Hang on a minute...
George: We decided you're not pulling your weight around this place.
Mitchell: What's that supposed to mean?
George: You don't buy any food, you'd never hoover... I don't even think you know what a pair of marigolds are.
Mitchell: I don't do marigolds.
George: Oh, and I do?
Annie: O-okay, d-do you know what? I think that we've all just lost sight of each other a bit. We need to team build; we need to bond.
George: But I'm not going to paintball, not again, not after last time.
Annie: We need to talk, so... George, you start.
George: [to Mitchell] Are you okay?
Mitchell: I've been better. You?
George: Likewise.
Mitchell: We should go out one night and just get hammered.
George: Yeah, that's a good idea.
Annie: [obviously annoyed] ... That's it? That's how you share?
George: What more is there to say?
Mitchell: Yeah, he's feeling a bit down, which is... pretty understandable, and I'm kinda stressed. We don't need to turn this into an episode of Oprah.
George: Exactly. File under "Have Discussed."

Annie: Ok, do you know what? I think that we've all just lost sight of each other a bit. We need to team build we need to bond.
George: I'm not going paintballing, not again, not after last time.
Annie: We need to talk, so... George you start.
George: Are you ok.
Mitchell: I've been better. You?
George: Likewise.
Mitchell: We should go out one night and just get hammered.
George: Yeah that's a good idea.
Annie: [obviously annoyed] ... That's it? That's how you share?
George: What more is there to say?
Mitchell: Yeah, he's just feeling a bit down, which is pretty understandable, and I'm kinda stressed, we don't need to turn this into an episode of Oprah.

Annie: We can turn this around.
George: How?
Annie: Well, she just needs a new experience so awful that she realises Hugh really is the one for her; so, your mission is to become her boyfriend but to be absolutely crap at it.
George: Well, I can't do that.
Annie: But of course you can. Look what a fuck-up you made of your last relationship.

George: Why hasn't anyone gone shopping?
Annie: Well I don't know if you've noticed, but I've been struggling with the whole "ghost" thing the last few days. Strangely, being invisible makes purchasing Pyramid tea bags a touch awkward.

Annie: Did you know that gypsies are born with six toes and that's why they never wear flip flops?
George: I don't think that's actually true.

George: You can't go interfering with people's lives like that.
Annie: It's not interfering, it's more like regime change.
George: Oh, 'cause that's never gone wrong.

"Being Human: Cure and Contagion (#2.1)" (2010)
Mitchell: Nah, he's not handsome.
George: Ah, thank you.
Nina: Why does this always happen when you tell a man another man is handsome?
Annie: Yeah, i-i-it is possible for two men to be handsome.
Annie: [looking at George, then quickly adding] Three men.
Nina: Although he is really handsome...
George: Oh, look, can we talk about something else?
Nina: [in mock-cheerful tone] I'm a werewolf!
George: [uncomfortable pause] I guess he's fairly handsome.
Nina: Yes, well, let's hope he's deaf as well.

Annie: We're talking about magic and-and-and curses. We're off the map here.

Annie: I've applied for a job.
George: As what?
Annie: Well, it's something that I've always fancied.
George: Well, uh, marrying Colin Firth isn't, strictly speaking, a job.

Nina: I need to show you something.
[She rolls up her sleeve]
Nina: When he pushed me back I got these.
[See scratches]
Annie: But he hadn't changed though, had he?
Nina: Well... his nails needed clipping.

Mitchell: You can't get a job, Annie.
Annie: But who would know? I'm visible now, I'm solid.
Mitchell: You're not solid, you're squishy. What about when people touch you?
Annie: What kind of a pub do you think it is, Mitchell?

Mitchell: [Mitchell and George learn that Annie has applied for a job] You can't get a job Annie.
Annie: But who would know? I'm visible now, I'm solid.
Mitchell: You're not solid, you're squishy. What about when people touch you?
Annie: What kind of pub do you think it is, Mitchell?

"Being Human: Tully (#1.2)" (2009)
George: What's going on?
Mitchell: Tully's leaving.
George: What? Why?
Tully: I wish I could tell you, mate.
Mitchell: OK, I know it was my suggestion but it was only gonna be for a day or so and instead it's been weeks, so I think now's the time...
Annie: He's creepy. And he frightened me.
Mitchell: Yeah. I-I was building to that.
George: Creepy? You're dead.
Mitchell: Look. He stinks out the bathroom, he eats all the food.
George: Oh, that's nice. That's generosity.
Mitchell: He's upset Annie, he's pissing off the neighbours, he's... He's a twat!
George: Well, he's *my* twat!
Mitchell: I expect that sounded better in your head.

Annie: Maybe he's had a blow to the head.
George: I'm sorry?
Annie: Happened to my Nan. She got hit in the head by a radio-controlled plane at a county fair. From that moment - obsessed with pygmy goats.
George: There wasn't a single bit of that sentence I understood.

Mitchell: So Carol from number twelve is gonna lend us Casablanca.
George: Why?
Mitchell: I'm only in it!
Annie: Get out!
Mitchell: Yeah. I'm just an extra. In the bar. And you can't actually see me, obviously. But I do knock over a chair at one point and you can see that.
Annie: You in Casablanca. How did you swing that?
Mitchell: I know people. I move and shake.

Annie: You changed your tune. You love old movies.
George: Hey, George is as George does.
Mitchell: Did you really just say that? Did you actually say those words?
Annie: Oh my god. You're Tully's Mini-Me.

Mitchell: It's good we're doing this. Especially now. Throwing the doors open like this... sends a message.
George: What do you mean, "especially now"?
Mitchell: [Backtracking] Nothing. It, ah, came out wrong.
George: And sends a message to who? There's something you're not telling us.
Mitchell: Like what? What?
George: A few weeks ago, Tully was in London and got attacked by some vampires.
Mitchell: Vampires are arsholes. This is hardly news.
George: Yes. But Tully says it's happening more and more. Like suddenly they've stopped hiding. But it's the things they're saying now, about time. How their time is coming.
Mitchell: Vampires have been saying their time is coming since the Crusades. Every now and then someone along, they get everyone all excited. It never comes to anything.
Annie: What, so something has been happening?
Mitchell: It's nothing! Can we- ? It's nothing. I promise you. I need a wee.
[He walks out]
George: Well. I feel totally reassured.

Mitchell: Vampires film themselves making a kill and then they pass it on.
Annie: So, what, it's like porn?
Mitchell: In a way.
George: Why do they do it?
Mitchell: Same reason anyone does porn.
George: You mean that's supposed to be sexy?
Mitchell: For some. But this is different. This is... personal. It's to remind me of what I did to her.

"Being Human: A Spectre Calls (#4.4)" (2012)
Dr. North: Are you the baby's sole carer?
Tom: Nope. It's not just me.
Dr. North: There's the baby's mother?
Tom: Sort of, yeah.
Dr. North: Is everything all right here? because you seem rather odd.
Hal: [Enters] What do you mean by that?
Dr. North: Who are you?
Hal: [Uncomfortable] I'm, um...
[Looks at Annie]
Annie: Say it.
Hal: I'm his... boyfriend.

Annie: Must be lovely being you. Always the cleverest and the oldest and never forget anything for hundreds of years.
Hal: [Dead serious] No. It's terrible.

Dr. North: I had no idea you were gay. Most of the gay couples I know have taste.
Annie: It's rented!

Annie: Now I know that you could never hurt Eve, so...
[she hugs him around his middle]
Hal: Awkward.

Annie: I'm traumatizing her. I mean she's meant to be the savior, but instead she's going to end up pregnant at thirteen, on drugs and knifing pensioners outside the Quasar Centre.

Kirby: The rest of the house is fab. Although I wasn't sure about the knife in the wall downstairs.
Annie: Oh. Yeah. No, that was me. A vampire got in and tried to hurt Eve so I, you know...
[mimes stabbing]
Kirby: You can be quite scary.
Annie: Yeah, new mum. What can I say.

"Being Human: Bad Moon Rising (#1.6)" (2009)
[first lines]
Annie: [voiceover] It was nothing really, just a small good deed in the darkness, but Fate is always playing a long game.

Annie: [voiceover] They were just two souls, united by fear and solitude, lost in the dark. Fate pushed them together, and now they were gonna find out why.

Annie: Herrick can't hurt me though, can he? I know that sounds... But I'm saying that's all talk. He can't hurt me. I'm already dead.
Mitchell: He can. It's the house that keeps you here. It's me and George. So he'll get rid of us, burn the house to the ground. There'll be nothing left for you. You'll be like smoke, you'll just blow apart in the breeze.

Cara: Herrick came for me. And now I have the blood of the ancestors. Ten thousand years of majesty and glory!
Annie: Well. Congratulations on mastering the whole speaking like a twat thing.

Annie: Why did I hear those voices? The dead people? I never used to be able to do that.
Mitchell: You turned down death. No one's ever done that. It's like it opened something in you.
Annie: Like I've got a whole new skill set.
Mitchell: We should make an action figure of you.

Cara: Herrick came for me and now I have the blood of the ancestors. Ten thousand years of majesty and glory.
Annie: Well, congratulations on mastering the whole 'speaking like a twat' thing.

"Being Human: The Graveyard Shift (#4.3)" (2012)
Annie: What will you do now?
Regus: Keep moving. See the world. Try not to end up in a hoover bag.

Annie: What happened to your face?
Regus: My lunch fought back. I'd rather not talk about it. But who takes a crowbar with them when they walk the dog? Who does? It's just weird.

Annie: [Frustrated with Tom and Hal ignoring her] Annie! How was your day? Oh, thank you. Thank you for asking, because it was a bit weird. I got stalked by a vampire in the park and then I pushed my sex memories into another vampire's sad little vampire brain. Ooh, that is weird Annie. Yes, I know. Thank you for asking.
Tom: Is there something you'd like to tell us, Annie?

Annie: Why would you want to save her?
Regus: You really want an answer to this right now?
Annie: Before I bring the baby into the weird vampire's house? Yes.
Regus: Right. For four hundred years I've been collecting and cataloging vampire myths and legends. Four hundred years. In dark rooms, libraries and cellars. Pouring over manuscripts, scrolls, books covered in mildew. Because you can't Google this stuff, you know.
[Starting to freak out]
Regus: I've got asthma. Actual asthma. Vampires don't get asthma. And no one wanted to know about my work. They just laughed and ate another virgin. So that has to be worth something. If it's not true-if that baby doesn't mean the end of the vampires-then what have I been doing for all those years? It will have meant nothing!

Regus: The Nemesis has a burnt arm.
Annie: What, and that's it?
Regus: What do you want, an email address? Look, if you see a scary man with a burnt arm run away!

"Being Human: Educating Creature (#2.4)" (2010)
Sykes: Thanks for all your help, George.
George: Oh, no, that's, um... That's fine. I'll, uh... I'll just throw ALL OF THIS IN THE BIN, THEN, SHALL I?
[George storms off]
Annie: [calling after] Wow! Clearly somebody's been watching a bit too much Gordon Ramsey!

Annie: I'll haunt you!
Sykes: You can't haunt another ghost.
Annie: Well I'll give it a damn good go.

Sykes: You've resisted Death's Door three times.
Annie: How could you know that?
Sykes: Oh please, it's written all over your aura. Which I could teach you to read.
Annie: You can read auras?
Sykes: Maybe.

Sykes: What do you make of this likely looking fella here?
Annie: OCD. Desperate. Having a mid-life crisis.
Sykes: I meant from his aura.

Sykes: There's nothing I can do for you. Fighting the men behind the Door is grown-up stuff. You're outmanned and outgunned.
Annie: Grown up stuff? You're about nine!
Sykes: I died when I was twenty-three. In ghost years I'm eighty-nine.
Annie: Oh great. So you're senile.

"Being Human: Hold the Front Page (#4.5)" (2012)
Yvonne: I believe in modern parlance, one might say we are on the run.
Annie: Why? What have you done?
Adam: [Points at Yvonne] Her.
Yvonne: Adam!
Adam: Oh, right. Sorry miss.

Yvonne: Adam and I are in love.
Annie: You're in love?
Adam: Uh huh. I see you, baby. And there's nothing going on down there. What do you think of that?
Annie: I'd rather not.

Hal: [about Yvonne] Is it me or is there something very strange about her?
Annie: Besides the fact that she's completely delusional? All that stuff about "Kriss Akabusi chased me around Morrisons!". Please. You know when I was sixteen a photographer told me I was pretty enough to be in a catalog. Yeah. A catalog, Hal. You don't hear me going on about it.
Hal: I've only been here a few weeks, you've already told me twice.

Annie: What's it going to be? Good Cop, Bad Cop? Or I could be Good Cop suddenly turned Crazy Psycho Ghost Cop. What do you think?

Annie: Hit me!
Annie: What?
Hal: Around the face.
Annie: Why?
Hal: Do it!
[Annie slaps his face]
Hal: Again! Harder!
[Harder slap]
Hal: Oww!
Annie: Sorry,
Hal: God,that hurt.

"Being Human: Serve God, Love Me and Mend (#2.2)" (2010)
George: You are being careful, aren't you?
Annie: Thanks, but I think I'm a bit old and dead for the contraception conversation.

Mitchell: You did what?
Annie: Sort of... disappeared.
Mitchell: Right. But that's okay, because by disappeared you mean "got away."
Annie: [Deftly changing the subject] Oh Mitchell, have you been working out?
Mitchell: Oh, that's just fantastic!
Annie: He was all over me! It was a reflex.

Annie: Would you like a cup of tea?
Hugh: Oh, please.
Annie: Take your pick.
[Gestures to several cups]
Hugh: You expecting people or... ?
Annie: Oh! No, I just like to make tea.

Annie: Are you sure about Hugh?
George: I know that look. I've given people that look. Usually while they're giving that look to someone taller.

"Being Human: The Looking Glass (#2.5)" (2010)
Annie: [seeing Mitchell arrested] What's he done?
George: How far back do you want to go?

George: What is THAT?
Annie: A baby. It's one of mine.
George: How long have I been gone?

George: [ticking off his old to-do list] A job, a wife, and a house full of children.
Annie: Well, you can still have all that, can't you?
George: Other people get to do that. We're not other people any more.

George: New George makes decisions. You know, speaks his mind, grabs life by the nuts, blurts things out...
Annie: Well, I haven't noticed much blurting yet, New George.
George: [chuckles] Yeah, you're right. I'm doing it again.

"Being Human: Damage (#2.7)" (2010)
George: Listen, I need to tell you something important and you'll probably want to have a wrestle, but, uh, listen. I'm going to that place with Nina and the priest and Professor Jaggat.
Annie: And I'm going to go with him.
George: Yeah, so, uh...
Mitchell: Good. Piss off, 'cause I'm gettin' really sick of your dog hairs on my clothes.

Annie: Nina!
Nina: Hi.
Annie: Well come here.
[They hug]
Nina: How's George? Sorry that was- How're you? Fuck it, tell me later. How is George?
Annie: He's okay.
Nina: What's happened?
Annie: Um. Do you want to sit down? Um... he's met someone, Nina. And he's moved out.
Nina: Ah... What's she like?

Annie: Are you back now? Please tell me that you've come back to tranquilize George.
Nina: It's complicated. I need to speak to him. So he'll be here tonight for the full moon? I need to speak to him before then.
Annie: Yeah, just hang out. He's always here. Half his stuff is still here. Thing is, he has moved out but he's always coming back. It's like we've become his shed.

George: No, you get back and get in the- Get in the kitchen!
Annie: Father Ted won't even be able to see me.
George: Yes, but I will. And I will giggle. And Nina will. And she will get snippy.

"Being Human: Puppy Love (#4.6)" (2012)
Annie: Look, I know this is a lot to take in, but I'm going to help you get through this.
Emrys: Too bloody right you are. It's all your fault.
Annie: Yes I know, and I am really really really sorry about that.

Annie: Look it's fine. I'm all over this. We just need to figure out his unfinished business and then move him on.
Tom: And you think that's haunting our bathroom?
Annie: No, Tom. Of course it's not haunting our bathroom. Unfinished business is something good and something righteous.
Emrys: Who says?
Hal: I knew a ghost whose unfinished business was to castrate her brother-in-law. Something to do with inappropriate Salsa dancing. So it could be anything really.
Emrys: See.

Annie: That's what happens, Tom. Killing changes you. Look where I ended up.
Emrys: Hacking down seniors in the twilight of their lives.

"Being Human: Ghost Town (#1.3)" (2009)
Annie: I met up with Gilbert. We went to the cemetery.
Mitchell: He knows how to show a girl a good time.

Annie: See, I realized that I never got to be a proper wife to Owen. I never got to do all those loving little things to show him how much I care about him.
George: Like making parsley sauce?
Annie: Not just parsley sauce. There's boiled ham as well. I'm going to put it in a casserole dish and I'm gonna take it 'round.
George: Right. Okay. Well aside from the fact that's a mental idea on so many levels, do you think you could possibly do it another night? Only I have a friend coming over for dinner. A female friend.
Annie: Oh, okay. So I'm contemplating resolving my death so that I can move on to the next dimension. And you're worrying about gettin' your leg-over!

Annie: What happens? Has anyone you know ever passed over?
Gilbert: Alright. This mate of mine, he used the haunt the VIP toilets at Leyton Orient Football Club. Singing Andrew Lloyd Weber's Variations. Famously composed because of a bet he made with his cellist brother on an end-of-season match against Hull City in 1977. Anyway, they brought in this exorcist to speed up his spirit into the afterlife.
Annie: And did it work?
Gilbert: One minute he's giving it "Tell Me on a Sunday", the next poof.
Annie: Poof.

"Being Human: All God's Children (#2.8)" (2010)
George: This place is doing my head in, all the medical tests, religious talks. D'you know, I'm not even allowed protein.
Annie: You're kidding.
George: No. No dairy or meat. Apparently they're worried it will "strengthen the demon."

Annie: Do you know what the weird thing is?
Psychic: Annie says, "Do you know what the weird thing is."
George: For the eighteenth time, I can hear her.

"Being Human: Another Fine Mess (#1.4)" (2009)
Annie: And for all I know this could be perfectly normal. You find out your fiancé murdered you, you become a "throwing things about" ghost.
Mitchell: Poltergeist.
Annie: See. You know the terms. You understand how this works. Do you think I can channel it? Because I have been dying to pull that fridge out and clean behind it.

Mitchell: [about Bernie] How has he never heard of Laurel and Hardy? They're, like, the funniest men who've ever lived.
Annie: Oh, that's someone who's never seen "Ace Ventura".
Mitchell: Yeah, and that's someone with no taste.

"Being Human: Making History (#4.7)" (2012)
Annie: So this is the future. Really?
Eve: For you, yeah.
Annie: Do people have jet packs?
Eve: No. No, mostly everyone's dead.

"Being Human: Type 4 (#3.3)" (2011)
Mitchell: Deadist?
Annie: Yes. It's like racist but for dead people!