Count Yorga
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Count Yorga (Character)
from Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)

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The Return of Count Yorga (1971)
Mrs. Nelson: Where are your fangs?
Count Yorga: Where are your manners?

Boy: [playing piano badly] You like this kind of music?
Count Yorga: Only when played well.

Cynthia Nelson: How were you able to get here with the bridge out?
Count Yorga: I flew.
Cynthia Nelson: No, really.
Count Yorga: I recently acquired the old Gateway mansion.
Cynthia Nelson: You're kidding. Then we're practically neighbors. I love that place. Whenever I can't sleep I often jump in my car and drive there just to look at it.
Count Yorga: Yes, I know.
Cynthia Nelson: Oh?
Count Yorga: You look magnificently beautiful in the moonlight.

Count Yorga: Unfortunately, I find it difficult to evaluate life and love on the basis of purity. However, truth, cold, unemotional truth, one's loss of innocence holds it. Excuse me, I should be telling you over and over again how elegantly beautiful you are. Instead, my cynical philosophy jumps to defend itself.

Count Yorga: Cynthia, I have survived many, many years. Now you appear. A most fragile emotion known has entered my life. And I must fear the most, for it will surely threaten my ability to survive. You, Cynthia, have brought to my life a gentle pain I can only define as love. Can you love me?

Count Yorga: Dr Baldwin, this is Count Yorga. You are going to die. You are going to die a most horrible death! You've been a fool, doctor, and now you are to die!
[maniacal laughter]

Count Yorga: I could destroy you; or turn you into the living dead... Or I could let you go.
Cynthia Nelson: Let me go.

Count Yorga, Vampire (1970)
Count Yorga: Doctor Hayes, what an unexpected surprise.
Dr. James Hayes: Yes, so much so that I almost had a massive coronory.