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Mabel Greenfield (Character)
from Piccadilly (1929)

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Piccadilly (1929)
Mabel Greenfield: [VIc walks up to Mabel from behind and kisses her bare shoulder] I wish you wouldn't behave like that, Victor - I don't like it, and I've told you before.

Valentine Wilmot: [Referring to Vic] I'm just getting rid of this conceited ass - - and what do you think he says?
[to Vic]
Valentine Wilmot: Tell her what you've just told me.
[to Mabel]
Valentine Wilmot: He has the impudence to say that you're in love with him and that it's you who've encouraged him.
Mabel Greenfield: He knows it isn't true.

Mabel Greenfield: How do you like my new dance?

Mabel Greenfield: Yes, you're frank now! But you never told me about her dancing in your private office in the middle of the night.

Mabel Greenfield: I want you to leave Valentine alone.
Shosho: Oh! You want me to give you back what you couldn't keep!

Mabel Greenfield: I'm desperate! I love him - you don't and he doesn't really love you. He's too old for you.
Shosho: He isn't too old for me - - but you're too old for him.