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Quotes for
Hoot (Character)
from The Elf and the Magic Key (1993) (TV)

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The Elf Who Saved Christmas (1992) (TV)
Trixie: What are we going to do? It won't be Christmas without Santa Claus.
Smitty: Maybe I could drive the sleigh.
Hoot: Terrific, last time you drove you got 3 tickets and you parked in front of the police station.
Smitty: That wasn't my fault, Rudolph was reading the map.
Trixie: Maybe we if we write lots of letters and take them to the post office, they could be delivered this afternoon, then Santa would change his mind.
Head Elf: No, that wouldn't work, he'd see the postmark: North Pole.
Trixie: What're we going to do?
Hoot: Maybe you could drive the sleigh.
Head Elf: No, no I couldn't do that, I don't see well at night.
Smitty: Maybe Hoot could drive the sleigh, and I could be the navigator.
Hoot: Smitty, where's Colorado?
Smitty: Right next to Connecticut.

The Elf and the Magic Key (1993) (TV)
Smitty: [bouncing on a toy horse twirling a lasso] I'm ready.
[Hoot walks in the door, Smitty misses snaring him]
Smitty: One more time. Ready.
[tries again and fails]
Smitty: You're walking too fast.
Hoot: What if the bad guys walk fast? What if they walk 3 feet apart?
Smitty: I'll get one and you'll get the other.
Hoot: I can't twirl a rope.
Smitty: You'll tackle him. Like a football player.