Sergeant Purley Stebbins
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Sergeant Purley Stebbins (Character)
from "A Nero Wolfe Mystery" (2000)

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"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Die Like a Dog (#2.4)" (2002)
Sergeant Purley Stebbins: [referring to Jet] He should have bit you when you kidnapped him.
Archie Goodwin: Ah, you got it wrong, Purley. It's women who bite me. You know, I've often wondered who bites you. What bites you? Where do they bite you?

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Over My Dead Body: Part 1 (#1.10)" (2001)
Sergeant Purley Stebbins: So watcha got in the package?
Archie Goodwin: Oh, uh, daggers, uh, narcotics, smuggled goods, and a small illegal immigrant. You wanna have a look?
Sergeant Purley Stebbins: Go to Hell!
Archie Goodwin: Alrighty, well, see ya on the corner of Fire and Brimstone.

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Murder Is Corny (#2.5)" (2002)
Sergeant Purley Stebbins: [nastily as he sees Archie with a plate of jail food] What's the matter, Goodwin? Not gourmet enough for you?
Archie Goodwin: [sardonically] Edible would have been enough.

"A Nero Wolfe Mystery: Cop Killer (#2.15)" (2002)
Sergeant Purley Stebbins: [referring to Janet] You know, I ain't sold she's as unfurnished in her head as she lets on.