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Biography for
Chase Winstead (Character)
from The Giant Gila Monster (1959)

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Chase Winstead is a good kid who's willing to work hard to make something of himself. When he was young, his father died working on an oil rig for the company owned by his best friend Pat Wheeler's dad. Since then, he's had to work to help his mother and crippled kid sister get by. Now he works for Mr. Compton's garage - and his wizardry with hot rods has helped him develop real talent as an automotive engineer. Moreover, he "plays all the angles" - by listening in on a party line whenever a call comes in to the sheriff, he can be the first to the scene of an accident, before anyone has even called in a wrecker. He also liberally cannibalizes from wrecks that seem unlikely to be collected on, with the avuncular tolerance of the local law.

But things take an odd turn in Chase's life when his pal Pat and Pat's girl go missing. He assures the sheriff that "they weren't in any trouble," but still thinks at first they might have eloped. Then, as evidence mounts and more people start to disappear or die in mysterious accidents, Chase and the sheriff slowly deduce that a gigantic Gila monster must be the culprit! Meanwhile Chase becomes friends with a big-city DJ and cuts a new record! At the end of all this, Chase is offered a new job, but winds up destroying his own hot rod with nitro glycerine (it really is a nitro-burning funny car!)

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