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Lewis Vendredi (Character)
from "Friday the 13th: The Series" (1987)

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"Friday the 13th: The Series: Hellowe'en (#1.5)" (1987)
Lewis Vendredi: [a ghostly figure appears before a frightened Ryan and Micki] Not even a hello for your Uncle Lewis?
Ryan Dallion: Uncle Lewis?
Micki Foster: It's him. I've seen his picture.
Ryan Dallion: You look like hell.
Lewis Vendredi: Yes, I do, don't I?
[Reaches out to Tyan and Micki, who recoil in horror]
Lewis Vendredi: Oh, nephew, I haven't come back to hurt you. I couldn't even if I wanted to. I can't even touch you!
Ryan Dallion: Look, don't you think you've done enough damage around here? And not to mention tonight you've got us chasing down cursed objects from now until doomsday!
Lewis Vendredi: I know, I know, and I'm sorry.
Ryan Dallion: Sorry? Sorry? Is that all you have to say is that you're sorry?
Lewis Vendredi: I know. I can understand your hate for me. I can. I thought I could outsmart the Prince of Lies. But now I must pay for my sins for bringing so much evil into the world when I sold my soul. I've blighted the lives of so many. But tonight I have a chance to make amends. I've come back to undo the curse!

Lewis Vendredi: I've been waiting for you, Jack.
Jack Marshak: Lewis, you've had your time. You've made your choice. God help you. Now you must abide by that choice.
Lewis Vendredi: It wasn't fair, Jack. I didn't know. If I had known I wouldn't have done it. Jack, they say that nothing is forever. But down there you die forever. Down there, over and over and over.