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Pym (Character)
from Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008) (V)

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Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (2008) (V)
Pym: [looking at Iron Avenger robot of Thor] There's Torunn's dad. Wait. Maybe that's her mom. Look at all that hair!

Azari: Hey, who's Clint Barton?
Pym: Maybe he was the knight, or the pixie.
Azari: [hits the back of Pym's head] The pixie was your mom, idiot!

Pym: I think I can get him up and running. I'll need to reconfigure his power matrix.
Torunn: I say thee nay! I will not run and I will not hide! I am the daughter of Thor and Ultron will pay for what he's done!
Azari: James?
James Rogers: I led Ultron to our home. Tony's gone because of me.
Torunn: No! We're going after Ultron. Pym, take the controls and head for this Ultra City.
Pym: I'm on it, Torunn!... Uh, two questions: How do you fly this thing and where is Ultra City?

Ultron: Do you see, Avenger? Rumors of the children's existence already spread among the humans. Superhuman variable cannot be permitted. The children must be destroyed.
Pym: Hey, that's not fair! James doesn't even have any powers.
Ultron: Scanning Avengers data files. Identity match. James Rogers, son of Steve Rogers, AKA Captain America, the most dangerous of all the Avengers. He inspired them, and like Captain America, you, James, will be the first to fall!
Hawkeye: Not today, robot.

Hulk: [smashes Ultron] Hulk is strongest there is!
James Rogers: Uh-oh...
Azari: Uh-oh? What do you mean, "uh-oh"?
[the Hulk charges at the children... ]
Hulk: [to Pym] Shrinking boy no sting Hulk anymore!
Pym: Never again... I promise!

Torunn: We should be out there with Tony, not hiding!
Pym: Maybe this is a new training drill. Maybe... maybe it's Ultron.
James Rogers: What? That's ridiculous! It's not Ultron! It's probably something stupid like a fire on the machine level or that time Jocasta went nuts because of a water main leak! It's not Ultron...

Azari: Wait a minute. Barton? Do you know a guy named Clint Barton?
Hawkeye: Okay, kid. How do you know my dad?
Pym: Kid? You're like a day older than us!
Azari: We think your dad was an Avenger like our parents.
Hawkeye: Like your parents? Your parents were Avengers? That's not possible. My dad said I was the last! He told me I'd be the last Avenger! I've been here fighting all this time. Where have you been?
James Rogers: Let him go! We didn't know!
Hawkeye: I thought I was the last one...

Azari: Okay, there's no one here. Maybe Ultron assumes no one would be dumb enough to break in.
Pym: Hah! We showed him. We ARE dumb enough!

Tony Stark: Please... please tell me you didn't just walk into Ultron's trap.
Pym: How do you know it's a trap? Maybe we're just that good.
Tony Stark: I know because I built Ultron.
Pym: Oh. Well, that sucks.

Torunn: Hereth be the plan.
Pym: I don't think 'hereth' is right...
Torunn: Shut up, Pym! Here's the plan: we fight our way through the city, get to Ultron, smite him, free Tony.
James Rogers: That plan is insane on several levels. We can't beat Ultron.
Torunn: I am immortal and invulnerable. Ultron holds no fear for me. Besides, my father watches over me.
James Rogers: You don't know that you're invulnerable.