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Mama Carlson (Character)
from "WKRP in Cincinnati" (1978)

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"WKRP in Cincinnati: Pilot: Part 1 (#1.1)" (1978)
Mama Carlson: Mr. Travis, are you responsible for the strange sounds I heard emanating from my radio this morning?
Andy Travis: I am.
Mama Carlson: Well, explain yourself!
Andy Travis: Well, I *like* the sounds you heard this morning.
Mama Carlson: Young man, this radio station is a business. It is not for your personal listening pleasure.

Andy Travis: Mrs. Carlson, rock and roll is where the money is.
Mama Carlson: How much money?
Andy Travis: Well, I think we can break even the first year, the second year I think...
Mama Carlson: Second year? I'm talking about now!
Andy Travis: Well, these things take time, ma'am. We break even the first year, the second year we clear maybe $800,000 after taxes...
Mama Carlson: Too little and too late!
Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson: Too little? Mama, that $800,000 is *profits*, not losses!
Mama Carlson: I can sell the station for five times that amount right now! I want a faster turnaround!
Andy Travis: Ma'am, well, I hate to say it, but I... I personally cannot work that way. I guess I am fired.
Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson: No, wait a minute! Mama look, you've been on my back for years to turn a profit here. Now when I'm finally getting started, you want to dump the station! Let me tell you something, if he goes, I go!
Mama Carlson: What?
Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson: That's what I said!
Mama Carlson: Arthur, you've never spoken to me that way before!
Arthur 'Big Guy' Carlson: Yeah, well. Uh, do you like it?
Mama Carlson: I hate it! But it's the first time I've seen any sign of backbone in you.