Anne Juergens
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Anne Juergens (Character)
from "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" (2008)

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"The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Baked Nevada (#1.13)" (2009)
Anne Juergens: You can't run away from this, Amy. You have to face the fact that you are halfway through your pregnancy, and the baby's going to be here before you know it.
Amy Juergens: [gasps suddenly, puts her hand on her stomach] Mom, I think the baby agrees with you.
[sinks onto the bed, Anne and Ben following anxiously]
Amy Juergens: I think it might be coming right now.
[puts her hand on her stomach, gasps again]
Amy Juergens: Mom, it's moving. It's really moving.
[exchanges a glance with Ben]
Amy Juergens: I thought I felt it before but I wasn't sure. Now I'm sure.
Ben Boykewich: [concerned] Do you want me to call an ambulance?
Anne Juergens: [smiling] It's okay. It's supposed to move. The baby's not coming right now. But it is coming.
Amy Juergens: Mom, I don't think I can do this.
Anne Juergens: You can do this, Amy. You can. You have to.
[pulls Amy into her arms, Amy gasps once more]
Anne Juergens: It's okay.

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager: I Feel Sick (#1.3)" (2008)
[Anne and Ashley are at the gas station, and a man stares at Ashley's cleavage]
Anne Juergens: Give me a break! She's thirteen, you *pervert*!

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Love for Sale (#1.6)" (2008)
Ashley Juergens: So am I going to school or what?
Anne: No, not today. You should've told me about this.
Ashley Juergens: That's my punishment for not telling you? Not going to school? Fine.

"The Secret Life of the American Teenager: Falling in Love (#1.1)" (2008)
Ashley Juergens: [at the dinner table, talking about her day at school] Why do these people think there's something wrong with a belly button? It's not like everyone doesn't have one. I mean, *I* have one, *they* have one, *you* have one. Personally, I don't see the big deal if it shows, I mean, it's not like anyone else is covering their buttons...
Anne Juergens: Well, they're supposed to. It's in the dress code.
Ashley Juergens: Yes, Mother, but no one pays attention to the dress code.