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Quotes for
Henrietta Topper (Character)
from "Topper" (1953)

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Topper Returns (1941)
Eddie, the Chauffeur: Doors closing by themselves. People talkin' to nuthin' and gettin' answers. I'm going back.
Clara Topper: Back where?
Eddie, the Chauffeur: To Mr. Benny. Ain't nuthin' like this ever happened there.

Clara Topper: Trying to make these policemen understand something is harder than doing it yourself.

Sgt. Roberts: Where's your husband?
Clara Topper: In the icebox.
Sgt. Roberts: Has he got the body with him?
Clara Topper: Certainly. Under his overcoat.

Clara Topper: Why, you're all wet. Is it raining out? Oh, but you haven't been out. Can't be raining in. Well, if it has, it's all cleared up.

Topper (1937)
Cosmo Topper: Good morning, Clara.
Mrs. Topper: Good morning, dear. You're late.
Cosmo Topper: Oh... better late than never. Only 44 seconds, anyhow.

Mrs. Topper: Wilkins, after all these years, are you trying to be funny?

Cosmo Topper: Clara, we used to play together once, and we could again. We could drive up to Lake Placid, just you and I. Stop at a roadhouse, dinner, and dance.
Mrs. Topper: Drive in that? You're asking me to drive in a car that looks like a painted Jezebel. And drive it to a roadhouse? Why, it'd be like going to the opera in my night gown!