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Wendell Bray (Character)
from "Bones" (2005)

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"Bones: The Blackout in the Blizzard (#6.16)" (2011)
Wendell Bray: Nothing like murder to ruin a snow day.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: There's a Global Cultures section of the Jeffersonian. There's this - this Coins of the World Exhibit. So I'll figure the composition of the shrapnel and then compare it to the coins in the exhibit.
Wendell Bray: Fantastic!
[Hodgins and Wendell do a fist bump]
Wendell Bray: And how exactly do you plan to do that without electricity?

Angela Montenegro: Oh my God! You're boiling body parts.
Wendell Bray: This is how it's done. You know that.
Angela Montenegro: No. No. I was getting kind of hungry and I thought that you were - Oh my God!
Wendell Bray: You're pregnant. The smell of boiling flesh makes you want a sandwich.

Dr. Camille Saroyan: What if you had gotten hurt in this blizzard?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Wait a minute. You're mad becausee you're worried about our safety? Wow. Thank you.
Wendell Bray: That was the last of our dye.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Okay, now I kind of wished you had gotten hurt.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: You hear that something has a one in a thousand chance or one in 10,000.
[Hodgins sobs]
Dr. Jack Hodgins: But I guess it's like the lottery, right? Someone always wins, you know?
Angela Montenegro: [Entering] That sounds like good news.
[Hodgins faces Angela. Pause]
Wendell Bray: I'll give you the room.

"Bones: The Change in the Game (#6.23)" (2011)
Dr. Jack Hodgins: I'm mean, we should be waiting home in comfort.
Wendell Bray: It's normal to be worried. Worried can make a guy edgy. So right now, what you're being is normal.

Wendell Bray: Watch this, I'm about to Brennanize you.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: "Brennanize?"

Angela Montenegro: I don't know. Hot sauce doesn't work. Sex doesn't work. Maybe we should just take a long ride on a bumpy road.
Wendell Bray: How is that any different from sex?
[Wendell chuckles]
Wendell Bray: My mom went into labor after riding on a roller coaster.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: That explains a lot.
Angela Montenegro: I don't know, honey. Maybe we should try a- an amusement park.

Angela Montenegro: OH my God.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: What? What's the murder weapon, Angie?
Angela Montenegro: Whoa! Are you kidding?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: What now? You're the expert.
Angela Montenegro: You've been jumping around all day and when my water breaks you don't even notice.
Wendell Bray: WHAT?
Angela Montenegro: Oh my God! Oh my God! Okay, here we go. Here we go. IT'S SHOWTIME!

Dr. Sherry Banno: [Noticing a laptop on Angela's bed] Hey, what's this?
Wendell Bray: Hello, Dr. Banno. I'm Wendell Bray. We're solving a murder.
Dr. Sherry Banno: Pretty sure we're supposed to be solving a baby.

"Bones: The Mutilation of the Master Manipulator (#10.9)" (2014)
Jack Hodgins: I have too many particulars. So far, I've got salmon, chicken, corn, whole wheat, flower...
Wendell Bray: Is it wrong that I'm starting to get hungry?
Jack Hodgins: Vitamin B12, yellow number 5, carrageen, antifreeze
Wendell Bray: Ugh, on second thought

Camille Saroyan: Are you gonna do anything special tonight, Wendell? To celebrate the end of the clinical trial?
Wendell Bray: Uhm, I hadn't really thought about it
Camille Saroyan: Well, you deserve to have to some fun after what you've been through
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Well, many people become extremely intoxicated to celebrate
Wendell Bray: [smiles] I'll keep that in mind

Wendell Bray: You know, considering the victim spent his career messing with people's mind, I'm not surprised by what happened to him
Camille Saroyan: Well, don't blame the professor. I would never have pressed that button
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Well, according to the data, you're more than likely to, which is why civilized societies can become barbaric. Germany had the most advanced public education system in the world. Impressive industrial production and yet they tried to exterminate an entire race of people
Camille Saroyan: Okay, then. And now I hate myself, thank you very much

Wendell Bray: A nooner isn't a really good excuse for being late!
Andie Roberts: Right!

Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Did you hear me, Mr. Bray?
Wendell Bray: Ehm, yes. The mandible. Eh, and there are remodeled fractures in lateral curvature of the 6th and 7th ribs
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Are you okay? I'm not good at reading people's emotions, but you do seem distracted and yesterday you were smiling excessively
Wendell Bray: I'm... I'm fine. Sorry
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Then please concentrate!

"Bones: The Cinderella in the Cardboard (#4.19)" (2009)
Angela Montenegro: Where did this come from?
Wendell Bray: Egyptology Department.
Angela Montenegro: They let you borrow it?
Wendell Bray: Well, no one was using it.
Angela Montenegro: Tell me you're kidding.
Wendell Bray: No. I left a note.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: [after getting the remains off the cardboard] Okay perfect.
Wendell Bray: Now that's something I'd serve. Ha!... If she were a pizza, which she's not... So-so I'll stop now.

Wendell Bray: She was run over by a car.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Seems like our victim was flattened before she was flattened.

Wendell Bray: So this guy ran her down, then backed up and ran her over again? That's a bad date.

Wendell Bray: What happened to your measuring tape?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: I don't know. Missing. There was a Post-It note from the Egyptology Department.

"Bones: The Sin in the Sisterhood (#6.12)" (2011)
Dr. Jack Hodgins: You got off easy, kid. Mother Nature cleaned these bones.
Wendell Bray: She did a crappy job.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Shh. She can hear you.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: This victim is like a full blown salad of plant particulates.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Then you should be a happy man.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: There's no one happier.
Wendell Bray: You see Dr. Saroyan? It's okay. No one has a life around here.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: Who let Cam shoot a gun?
Wendell Bray: The 2nd Amendment.

Wendell Bray: We are looking for a horny farmer. Yes we are.

"Bones: The Corpse at the Convention (#10.5)" (2014)
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Hello, synthetic rubber. Alright, well this is some kind of cool polymer. So. So far, we have got coffee grounds, melted aluminum foil, two kinds of plastic, polyester, Styrofoam, gum and rubber.
Wendell Bray: And two trays of stuff yet to be identified.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Particulates. Don't say stuff. It's sacrilege.

Special Agent Seeley Booth: You know, Wendell. You know, back in '02, we had to secure this ridge in Gozni before our major forces came in. Little did we know, the Taliban had already been there and they pinned us down for about six days, and they kept picking us off... one by one. Fifteen guys went up that ridge and only three came home.
Wendell Bray: I know what you're tryin' to do, Booth. I appreciate it. The doctors tried to do the same thing...
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No, you don't. I don't think you know what I'm talking about. And I don't think you appreciate what I'm telling you right now. What I'm telling you is that I saw twelve of my brothers killed in front of me. Twelve.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: You got dealt a bad hand. Deal with it.
Wendell Bray: Sorry...
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Enough with the apologies. Okay, Wendell? Stop feeling sorry for yourself and keep fighting. I don't need to see another brother die.

Wendell Bray: What're you doing?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Well, I am making a mold of the shoeprint
Dr. Camille Saroyan: With... what?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Well, I got this from some guy out there, that's experimenting with this inert polymer resin, that's totally not invasive
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Yeah, I'm sorry I asked! Just keep at it

Wendell Bray: I can't believe Dr. Brennan thought she'd look foolish in front of everyone. She's the best, man.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Sometimes people doubt how strong they really are.

"Bones: The High in the Low (#9.20)" (2014)
Wendell Bray: Ah, I love the smell of science in the morning!

Wendell Bray: You're use pen and paper to remove the termites?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Pretty cool, huh?
Wendell Bray: What you're gonna do? Write "No Termites Allowed"?

Wendell Bray: I was just wondering... you would've done the same thing, wouldn't you?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: You know, Cam really didn't really have a choice. Neither would I.
Wendell Bray: Yeah, I get that, but... just... it makes no sense that I'm being punished. I'm just fighting the cancer any way that I can, just like you told me to.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No, look, I understand that, but Wendell, I, you know... I work in the law. Okay? I'm a law-abiding citizen, I always have been. I've never even touched the stuff.
Wendell Bray: I respect that. I really do. I... I didn't come here to make you feel guilty... I just wanted you to know that I'm not a loser.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: I would never think that you're a loser. What you're dealing with, and... Forget that I'm an agent right now, all right? I'm your friend. And you shouldn't have been punished for it.
Wendell Bray: Thanks, man, that... that means a lot, coming from you.

Wendell Bray: You did this for me?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: I'd do anything for my friend, especially if it's gonna get you better.

"Bones: The Putter in the Rough (#10.14)" (2015)
Dr. Camille Saroyan: That looks very expensive. Did I buy it?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Yes, yes you did, and I am very grateful! I'm sure the prosecutor will be as well.
Wendell Bray: [Wendel starts giggling]
Dr. Camille Saroyan: [Cam gives Wendel the serious face and he stops giggling]

Andie Roberts: Ugh, I'm late!
Wendell Bray: We'd be on time if we didn't like each other so much
Andie Roberts: [laughs] Oh, I know. Being in love is such a drag
Wendell Bray: [Looks at the clock] Hey, wait a minute! We've got plenty of time! Maybe we could...
Andie Roberts: Sorry, but that's not the right time. That clock was my grandmother's. I think that's why she was always late

Wendell Bray: Hey! You're almost finished?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: [Fishing in a boiling aquarium with the victims bones] Don't rush the chef when he's making a stew

Wendell Bray: Dude! You're a genius!
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Yeah, I've heard that before

"Bones: The Death of the Queen Bee (#5.17)" (2010)
Angela Montenegro: You're sexy... and smart... and good.
Angela Montenegro: You're, like "saint" goood.
Wendell Bray: Oh, I'm a sexy saint.
Angela Montenegro: Hey - do not knock that! It's a very rare and hot combo... You have somebody out there who isn't a duty.
Wendell Bray: So do you. I think we both know who.

Wendell Bray: Someday, maybe we can talk about what kind of woman Angela is.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Someday. Yeah.
Wendell Bray: I guess... somewhere, I always knew she was just on loan.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: She is awesome, isn't she?
Wendell Bray: She's totally worth it, man, I mean...
Dr. Jack Hodgins: I know...
Wendell Bray: I know you know.

Wendell Bray: [Describing his High School] It's a pretty tough place. A lot of violence, a lot of drugs, a lot of pregnancies.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: So you've been throught the baby daddy scare before?
Wendell Bray: Before? Before what?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Oh no.

Angela Montenegro: You have somebody out there who isn't a duty.
Wendell Bray: So do you... I think we both know who.

"Bones: Big in the Philippines (#9.13)" (2014)
Wendell Bray: ...I saw my dad go through
[the chemotherapy]
Wendell Bray: . Sick from the chemo to the end. He missed out on living.
Wendell Bray: I'm okay with it, take off, I've always wanted to see South America, the Galapagos, you know, the Adriatic, kick back, drink, sleep with as many women as I ca...
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No, no, no, no, you're not going to do that. You're going to get the treatment, you're going to throw up and you're going to feel miserable, but none of that's going to matter because you're going to live to be a hundred.
Wendell Bray: [chuckles] You should be my doctor.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: C'mon, I'm serious!
Special Agent Seeley Booth: You can fight this. You have to fight this.
Wendell Bray: Why?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Why? Because there's a life out there you haven't even lived yet. There's a woman, waiting to be your wife. Okay? And-And-And there's kids, waiting to be born, waiting to find out how great of a dad you're going to be.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Plus you have your friends, okay, your friends, they need you. That's why.
[phone rings]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Don't worry about that.
Wendell Bray: I get it, you're working, we'll talk lat...
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Just hold on. Don't move.
[picks phone up]
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Booth
Dr. Lance Sweets: Hey, Booth?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Hey, listen, Sweets, can this wait?
Wendell Bray: You-you work, I'm going, we'll talk later.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: No, no, no. Just hold on.
Dr. Lance Sweets: You okay?
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Yeah. What is it, Sweets?

Angela Montenegro: [Notices the arm cast] Wendell, what happened to you?
Wendell Bray: Oh, eh, hockey game. I got checked
Angela Montenegro: What is it with men that they're willing to die for a ball?
Wendell Bray: It's a puck
Angela Montenegro: Yeah, I mean it's still round

Wendell Bray: The heart-shaped pelvic inlet suggests the gender, so...
Dr. Camille Saroyan: I don't think we need bones to let us know that the victim was a male
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: We have no other way, Dr. Saroyan
Dr. Jack Hodgins: I think we do
Angela Montenegro: That mangled piece of meat is his...?
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Yeah!
Wendell Bray: Breaking my arm seem like nothing now

"Bones: The Memories in the Shallow Grave (#7.1)" (2011)
Dr. Camille Saroyan: So you're more intimidated by Dr. Brennan even though I run this lab.
Wendell Bray: No. When you take Dr. Brennan and add pregnant, huh? No. You are the top Senior Field and I am much more intimidated by you.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Nice save.

Wendell Bray: Still I mean you crying, I would've loved to have seen that.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Why?
Angela Montenegro: Sort of like an eclipse. It doesn't happen that often.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Well Booth took a picture of me, but since I have a picture of him cooking an omlete naked, he agreed never to show it to anyone.
Wendell Bray: Smart move.
Angela Montenegro: What? I'm sorry. Naked? Wow! Okay, listen. I am your best friend, honey, so - I think I should take a peek at that.

Wendell Bray: She's having that baby so that the next generation will have someone to make them feel dumb.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Seriously.

"Bones: The Life in the Light (#10.21)" (2015)
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Based on the large ovoid obturator foramen, the victim was a male. The fine texture of the pubic surfaces indicates an age range of mid-to-late 30s.
Wendell Bray: The parabolic dental arch suggests Caucasian.
Angela Montenegro: Yeah, and the giant metal plate in his head suggests a cyborg.

Wendell Bray: Booth is doing okay. He knows he's got a gambling problem. He's handling it.
Camille Saroyan: He's worked through this once before. He can do it again.

Camille Saroyan: [Walks in] Well, I wasn't able to find anything on the flesh that could help pinpoint cause of death
Wendell Bray: [Not paying full attention] Of course you couldn't
Camille Saroyan: Excuse me?
Wendell Bray: [Giggles] Oh, sorry, I didn't mean it like that. It's just that these bones are pretty messed up and I'm a bit overwhelmed right now myself
Camille Saroyan: It's already Wendell, just breathe

"Bones: The Death in the Defense (#11.11)" (2016)
Wendell Bray: I just don't want him to give up. When I was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma, Booth told me giving up wasn't an option, that I had to fight.

Wendell Bray: Dr. Hodgins! What an unexpected surprise
Temperance Brennan: Well, a surprise is by definition unexpected, but yes, we're happy to see you

Jack Hodgins: [In his wheelchair using a video connection to Wendell who is doing Hodge's fieldwork] Wendell, you got this!
Wendell Bray: Hey, Hodgins! King of the Lab!
Jack Hodgins: [Reluctant] Yeah, King of the Lab

"Bones: The Dude in the Dam (#9.8)" (2013)
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Dr. Hodgins! It appears you're almost to term! Congratulations
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Thanks, Dr. B.
Wendell Bray: This doesn't freak you out even a little?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: He's in no danger and Dr Hodgins' love of entomology makes his desire to be an insect's host quite reasonable

Wendell Bray: The wound tracks are thick and irregular, a deep, wide V to the left fifth metacarpal, right phalanges metacarpal, left ileum and right femur
Dr. Jack Hodgins: So we're looking for a weapon that is sharp, but not too sharp, a knife but not a knife or an axe but not an axe. Ah, that should take us about 50 or 60 years
Wendell Bray: There is more!
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Sure, why make it easy?

"Bones: Fire in the Ice (#4.12)" (2009)
Wendell Bray: [Still disoriented after he gets knocked out during a hockey game] Don't worry. I got the blood.
Special Agent Seeley Booth: Good work, Bones.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: *I'm* Bones.

Special Agent Payton Perotta: Hmmm. My people were right.
Dr. Camille Saroyan, Caroline Julian: YOUR people?
Dr. Jack Hodgins, Wendell Bray: We're Booth's people.

"Bones: The X in the File (#5.11)" (2010)
Wendell Bray: Dr. Brennan dealing with flesh.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Like a cat dealing with water.
Dr. Temperance Brennan: Flesh is not my strength.

Wendell Bray: [Shaking a melon with Angela's picture] Angela, the balls are rattling, but your head's still intact.
Angela Montenegro: Call that thing by my name one more time, I dare you.

"Bones: The End in the Beginning (#4.25)" (2009)
Wendell Bray: [watching Motley Crue doing their sound check] Awesome! It's the Crue!
Vincent Nigel-Murray: I've been bounced by a rock band.

Wendell Bray: What's goin' on, boss?
Seeley 'Mr. B' Booth: Oh, I got a meeting with an angry gang banger in the alley. Why?
Wendell Bray: I got my gun.
Seeley 'Mr. B' Booth: You got a gun?
Wendell Bray: He's the leader of gang who's killed people and he hates your guts. I ain't no mathematician, but that adds up bad.

"Bones: The Bond in the Boot (#5.2)" (2009)
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Do you believe James Bond killed our victim?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Well no, but come on. There was more than a grain of truth in those James Bond films.
Angela Montenegro: Pussy Galore? That's never gonna happen.
Wendell Bray: Well we can alway hope.
Angela Montenegro: Boys and their spy fantasies.

Wendell Bray: That means he showed no signs of distress even after hours of torture. Isn't that impossible.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Unless the CIA underestimated this guy, anyone who can take that kind of abuse makes James Bone look like a weenie.

"Bones: The Resurrection in the Remains (#11.5)" (2015)
Camille Saroyan: These neurons have been dead for about two weeks
Wendell Bray: Meaning?
Camille Saroyan: Sarah died before she died

Wendell Bray: Oh come on, you don't actually believe the skull has supernatural power?
Jack Hodgins: Please, I'm a conspiracy theorist, not a supernatural nut

"Bones: The Tough Man in the Tender Chicken (#5.6)" (2009)
Wendell Bray: Look, man, the trouble with getting your info from conspiracy nuts, they never know when to turn it off.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Hey, you wait and see. We're gonna find out our victim was tortured a little to enthusiastically and then the government tried to bring him back to life.
Wendell Bray: Proving my point, Hodgins. Totally proving my point.

Dr. Jack Hodgins: DARPA created a chicken soldier?
Wendell Bray: I do not see the United States military making chicken soldiers. Eagle, maybe.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: That's why we couldn't find his so-called fingers. Cuz they were transformed into talons.
[Makes claw like motions with his hands]
Dr. Jack Hodgins: I mean, talons would be much better weapons.
[Wendell makes talon like gestures with his hands]
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Human remains in water tend to lose all their fingers and toes due to predation.
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: If I were going to combine animal and human DNA with an eye toward creating a super soldier, I'd go with a flatworm.
Wendell Bray: Why?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Self regeneration. Obviously.
Dr. Camille Saroyan: Let's break this down as though we aren't in a comic book.

"Bones: The Pinocchio in the Planter (#6.20)" (2011)
Wendell Bray: Hodgins, she did not reject you. She rejected your call.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: It was a pre-complete ring off - from my wife, dude. Are you really going to tell me that's nothing?
Wendell Bray: Okay, no. So what did you do?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Nothing. I-I-I make her breakfast. I tie her shoes for God's sakes.
Wendell Bray: Well there's gotta be something. Are you going to talk to her?
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Of course not. She's pregnant. The hormones are running the institution.

Wendell Bray: You're a pretty strange dude as it is, but when you use words like "couth," you seem really strange.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Really? Did it make you feel better?
Wendell Bray: ...Yes, it did.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Good. Can I be honest with you?
Wendell Bray: Yeah. Go for it.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Okay, when you were going out with Angela, I once planned your murder in great detail.
Wendell Bray: Heh. I appreciate your honesty.

"Bones: The Patriot in Purgatory (#8.6)" (2012)
Colin Fisher: The soft callus hasn't consolidated yet. I'd put this break 10 days before he died.
[Squinterns turn expectantly to Vaziri]
Arastoo Vaziri: ...Dr. Saroyan and Dr. Hodgins fixed time of death on September 21.
Colin Fisher: That means this injury occured September 11, 2001.
Arastoo Vaziri: Yeah.
Dr. Clark Edison: My God.
Wendell Bray: 9/11.
Finn Abernathy: Given the presence of jet fuel and his injuries, this man could've been at the Pentagon when the plane hit.
Dr. Clark Edison: Yeah. But every victim in that attack has been accounted for and identified.
Arastoo Vaziri: Maybe not. Maybe just the victims that had a home.

Colin Fisher: 9/11 was a trauma to us all - not like this guy or the people who died that day. But it still changed us, right? A-and we act like it doesn't matter. Clearly Wendell is freaking out. And you
[to Arastoo]
Colin Fisher: You went nuts earlier. The first rule at the looney bin is to get it all out in the open. So that's what we're going to do, all right? I'll go... I was in High School. It was my Senior Year. I was
Colin Fisher: breaking into my history teacher's desk to steal a test I hadn't studied for, and he walked in. He was crying. He couldn't care less what I was doing. That's when I found out. So I... I talked to him. I had stolen test in my hand, and we both sat... and we cried... Next?... Oh, come on!
Dr. Clark Edison: ...I was working. It was uh, before school - coffee shop. Everyone was just staring at the TV. No one said a word. The cook came out to watch with the rest of us. I still remember the smell of food burning on that grill.
Finn Abernathy: I was 9. I got in the way of my stepfather hitting my mama. He stuck me with some scissors. My mama wanted to take me to the hosital. But my hurt didn't seem like nothin' when we heard what happened.
Arastoo Vaziri: I was at morning prayers... I didn't believe that day. I didn't believe in anything.
Colin Fisher: ...Wendell?
Wendell Bray: ...I was uh, with my aunt... from that morning for the next few days... My uncle was a firefighter at New York... He never came home.

"Bones: The Donor in the Drink (#11.3)" (2015)
Wendell Bray: So, Dr. Brennan, is being back at the Jeffersonian is just like riding a bike?
Temperance Brennan: Eh, conducting a forensic examination bears no resemblance to riding a bicycle, though both are activities I greatly enjoy

"Bones: The Crack in the Code (#7.6)" (2012)
Wendell Bray: Damage to the inside, front and back? What'd she do? Explode from the inside? How is that possible?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Anything is possible, Mr. Bray - except for finding affordable housing in the District of Columbia.

"Bones: The Perfect Pieces in the Purple Pond (#4.4)" (2008)
Wendell Bray: I don't get you people. I'd like to work here but it's like a minefield, too many ways to step wrong.
Angela Montenegro: I admit it takes some getting used to... Good luck.

"Bones: The Stiff in the Cliff (#11.20)" (2016)
Jack Hodgins: Really makes you rethink deli meat.
Wendell Bray: And I'm officially never eating again

"Bones: The Past in the Present (#7.13)" (2012)
Wendell Bray: Wolves killed him, but they didn't murder him.
Dr. Jack Hodgins: Right. So, Pelant fools his ankle monitor into thinking that he's at home. He lures our victim out of the loony bin, drugs him and then leaves him for the wolves.
Wendell Bray: One thing I learned from Dr. Brennan. Gather evidence and follow it without bias.

"Bones: The Diamond in the Rough (#8.10)" (2013)
Wendell Bray: [to Hodgins] No, I get it. Your critters had more than enough time to pants the victim.

"Bones: The Next in the Last (#10.22)" (2015)
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: [Looking at some bones] Hmm
Wendell Bray: What do you see, Dr. Brennan?
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: You want to be a student forever, Mr. Bray?
Wendell Bray: Eh, no. Of course not
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Then take a look for yourself. See what others wouldn't. I'm not gonna always be here to bail you out. The same goes for you, Dr. Edison
Dr. Clark Edison: [Confused] I'm already a doctor
Dr. Temperance 'Bones' Brennan: Then show us why!