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Coraline Jones (Character)
from Coraline (2009)

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Coraline (2009)
[repeated line]
Coraline Jones: You are NOT my mother.

Cat: You realize you're walking right into her trap.
Coraline Jones: I have to go back. They are my parents.
Cat: Challenge her, then. She may not play fair, but she won't refuse. She's got a *thing* for games.

Coraline Jones: I can see you don't have button eyes, but... if you're the same cat, how can you talk?
Cat: I just can.

Coraline Jones: How can you walk away from something and then come towards it?
Cat: Walk around the world.
Coraline Jones: Small world.

Coraline Jones: Evil witch! I'm not scared!

Coraline Jones: [shouting to Wybie] Crazy? You're the jerk wad that gave me the doll!

Wybie Lovat: I'm Wybie. Wybie Lovat.
Coraline Jones: Wybie?
Wybie Lovat: Short for Wyborn. Not my idea, of course. What'd you get saddled with?
Coraline Jones: I wasn't 'saddled' with anything. It's Coraline.
Wybie Lovat: Caroline what?
Coraline Jones: Coraline. Coraline Jones.
Wybie Lovat: Hm. It's not real scientific, but I heard an ordinary name like Caroline can lead people to have ordinary expectations about a person.

Coraline Jones: I can't believe it. You and Dad get paid to write about plants, and you hate dirt.

Coraline Jones: I want to be with my real Mom and Dad. I want you to let me go!
Other Mother: Is that any way to talk to your Mother?
Coraline Jones: You aren't my Mother.
Other Mother: Apologize at once, Coraline.
Coraline Jones: No!

Coraline Jones: I think I heard someone calling you... Wyborn.
Wybie Lovat: What? I didn't hear anything.
Coraline Jones: Oh, I definitely heard someone... Why-were-you-born.

Coraline Jones: [to Coraline doll] You think they're trying to poison me?
[Makes Coraline doll nod]

Other Mother: You know that I love you.
Coraline Jones: You...
[hesitates, braces herself]
Coraline Jones: ...have a really funny way of showing it.

Coraline Jones: He's not drunk, Mom, he's just eccentric.

Coraline Jones: [blank] I almost fell down a well yesterday, Mom.
Mother: [typing] Uh-huh.
Coraline Jones: I would've died.
Mother: That's nice.

Mother: Coraline, why don't you visit downstairs? I bet those actresses would love to hear your dream.
Coraline Jones: Miss Spink and Forcible? But you said they're dingbats!
Mother: [smiling] Mm-hm.

Mr. Bobinsky: Caroline, wait! The mice asked me to give you message.
Coraline Jones: The jumping mice?
Mr. Bobinsky: They are saying, "Do not go through little door." Do you know such a thing?
Coraline Jones: The one behind the wallpaper? But it's all bricked up.
Mr. Bobinsky: Ah. So sorry, is nothing. Sometimes the mice are little mixed up. They even get your name wrong, you know? They call you "Coraline" instead of "Caroline." Not "Caroline" at all! Maybe I work them too hard.

Miss Forcible: [reading tea leaves] Well, not to worry, child: It's good news. There's a tall, handsome beast in your future.
Coraline Jones: A what?
Miss Spink: Miriam, really, you're holding it wrong. See? Danger!
Coraline Jones: What do you see?
Miss Spink: I see a very peculiar hand.
Miss Forcible: I see a giraffe.
Miss Spink: Giraffes don't just fall from the sky, Miriam.
Coraline Jones: Well, what should I do?
Miss Spink: Never wear green in your dressing room.
Miss Forcible: Acquire a very tall step-ladder.

Other Father: [robotic] All will be swell, soon as Mother's refreshed. Her strength is our strength...
[one of the robotic hands closes his mouth forcefully]
Other Father: Mustn't... talk when Mother's not here.
Coraline Jones: If you won't even talk to me, I'm gonna find the other Wybie. He'll help me.
Other Father: No point.
[face distorts]
Other Father: He pulled a loooong face... and Mother didn't like it.

Coraline Jones: [on the "Other" Mother] Why does she want me?
Cat: She wants something to love, I think. Something that isn't her. Or, maybe she'd just love something to eat.
Coraline Jones: Eat? That's ridiculous, mothers don't eat... daughters.
Cat: I don't know. How do you taste?

Coraline Jones: Wybie's got a cat like you at home. Not the quiet Wybie, the one that talks too much. You must be the Other Cat.
Cat: [speaking for the first time] No... I'm not the other anything. I'm me.

Cat: You probably think this world is a dream come true. But you're wrong. The other Wybie told me so.
Coraline Jones: That's nonsense. He can't talk.
Cat: Perhaps not to you. We cats, however, have far superior senses than humans, and can see and smell and... Shh! I hear something. Right over...
[meows and runs off]

Other Mr. Bobinsky: [slurred voice] You think winning game is good thing? You just go home and be bored and neglected, same as always. Stay here with us. We will listen to you, and laugh with you. If you stay here, you can have whatever you want... always.
Coraline Jones: You don't get it, do you?
Other Mr. Bobinsky: I don't understand.
Coraline Jones: Of course you don't understand. You're just a copy she made of the real Mr. B.
Other Mr. Bobinsky: [voice distorts] Not even that... anymore...

Coraline Jones: Oh my twitchy, witchy girl. I think you are so nice. I give you bowls of porridge. I give you bowls of ice... cream. I give you lots of kisses. I give you lots of hugs. But I never give you sandwiches with grease and worms and mung... beans.

[first lines]
Coraline Jones: [after hearing a creature while exploring the hills] Hello? Who's there?

[last lines]
Coraline Jones: Welcome, Miss Lovat!
Wybie's Grandmother: Oh, hello.
Coraline Jones: I'm Coraline Jones. I've got so much to tell you.

Coraline Jones: M-my father doesn't play piano.
Other Father: No need to. This piano plays me...

Coraline Jones: I didn't know I had another mother.
Other Mother: Of course you do. Everyone does.

Coraline Jones: I already know where you've hidden them.
Other Mother: Hmm... Well, then produce them.
Coraline Jones: They're behind that door.
Other Mother: Oh they are, are they?
Cat: There!
Coraline Jones: Mom... Dad!... Go on! Open it. They'll be there alright.
Other Mother: You're wrong, Coraline... they aren't there. Now, you're going to stay here forever.
Coraline Jones: NO, I'M, NOT!

Coraline Jones: [Coraline and the imaginary friend version of Wybie are at the exit to the door, escaping the Other Mother] Come ON!... She'll just hurt you again!
[Imaginary Wybie looks up at Coraline forlornly, takes off one of his gloves, revealing that he is just made of sawdust and that he won't survive in Coraline's world]

Wybie Lovat: [incredulous] The... the doll is my grandma's... spy?
Coraline Jones: She has this other world where everything is better, the food, the garden the...
[walks up to Wybie menacingly and glares into his eyes]
Coraline Jones: the NEIGHBORS! But it's all a trap!
Wybie Lovat: [nervously] Yeah, uh, listen Jonesy, I think someone's calling me...
Coraline Jones: Don't believe me? You can ask the cat!

Coraline Jones: [to the Imaginary Wybie as they both walk towards the 1st floor of the house] uh, it didn't hurt did it, when she...?

Coraline Jones: So, he can't talk AT ALL? I like it!

Coraline Jones: Why'd you lock the door again?
Mel Jones: Oh, I found some rat crap and I thought you might... feel safer.

Coraline Jones: [while exploring the house, Coraline finds a painting of a boy in a blue suit crying next to some spilled ice cream; coincidentally the boy looks just like the Ghost Boy seen later on in the film] One boring blue boy, in a painfully-boring painting... three boring windows... and no more doors.

The 82nd Annual Academy Awards (2010) (TV)
Cameron Diaz: Jude, when we're making movies... um, wait. I'm sorry. They didn't fix the Teleprompter.
Steve Carell: Okay, so this was originally written for Cameron and Jude Law, but I stepped in at the last minute.
[audience laughs]
Cameron Diaz: Thanks, Jude... I mean, Steve.
Steve Carell: Yep.
Cameron Diaz: The truth is, both Steve and I are big fans of animated films. Here are some of the stars of this year's films, to talk about being nominated, and what it means to them.
Barbara Walters: [off-screen] What would winning an Oscar mean to you?
Mr. Fox: [all of the animated characters, in separate "prerecorded" videos, sit in nearly identical "director" chairs with a poster of the film they're in to their left; Mr. Fox sits with a rabbit girl applying his makeup] Well, of course it's a tremendous honor to be nominated with such a prestegious group. I mean, these are all highly accomplished films - they are the best of the best. Look at this, look at, uh
[Mole hands him a piece of paper]
Mr. Fox: Princess and the... What's the Secret of Kells? These are all cartoons!
[turns around]
Mr. Fox: I thought we got nominated like a real movie!
Coraline Jones: Well... It would get my mom off my back. You know, like if she said "CORALINE! GO TO BED!" I could say "Mom, I've got an Academy Award!" or "Tidy your room!" "Oscar, mom. Deal with it."
[the Cat pops his head out of the bag hanging on her chair and meows]
Coraline Jones: [to the Cat] Oh. That won't work, will it?
Aisling: Well, just being nominated is brilliant, because more people will discover our film - and me! And I got to go all the way from Ireland. I might get to meet that nice Mr. Merten, with the lovely silver hair - like mine!
Prince Naveen: [as a frog] Oh, you know, just to be nominated...
[Louis the Alligator falls down on Naveen and squashes him]
Louis: [unaware of what he has done] We won! We won! Oh, this moment is so much bigger than me... This moment is for all the nameless, faceless gators who came before me...
Prince Naveen: [muffled] You!
[Louis turns to show us Naveen on his bottom, squished]
Prince Naveen: It is just a nomination!
Louis: [embarrased] Ehh... This isn't gonna end up on YouTube, is it?
[audience laughs]
Barbara Walters: [off-screen, to Carl] So what does this nomination mean to you?
Carl Fredricksen: [Dug the dog is sitting next to him; Carl puts his hand to his ear] Huh? What?
Dug: What is that?
[goes up to the camera]
Dug: I will explore it now!
[sniffs and licks the camera]
Carl Fredricksen: Dug! Stop that!
Dug: This is not food.
Carl Fredricksen: Get down! Hey! Here!
Carl Fredricksen: [a man offscreen, not Carl, of a different actor, says this] Hey, look here! A squirrel!
Dug: Squirrel?
[he runs off, knocking down lights and the poster in the process]
Carl Fredricksen: Ah, for the love of Pete...