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Quotes for
Neil Gorton (Character)
from "Law & Order" (1990)

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"Law & Order: Showtime (#7.17)" (1997)
Neil Gorton: [Talking to judge just before beginning of trial] We need to keep a place for Dr Duval, Mr Newman's psychiatrist.
Jack McCoy: Are we going to be doing therapy in the courtroom?

Neil Gorton: I don't know which I'm going to enjoy more: seeing Newman go free, or seeing you lose.
[to barman]
Neil Gorton: Two vodka martinis.
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: Is it all about me?
Neil Gorton: You know I'm over that.
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: Of course! I've seen your new associate.
Neil Gorton: Harvard Law Review...
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: And a round butt, just the way you like them!

A.D.A. Jamie Ross: [barging in on Gorton's defense conference] You son of a bitch!
Neil Gorton: I take it you got my notice.
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: [rips up child custody notice and flings it on table] Yes. Here it is!
Neil Gorton: Not a legally persuasive argument, counselor. We have a custody arrangement; you're in breach.

"Law & Order: Turnaround (#7.16)" (1997)
Neil Gorton: You're not in Kansas any more, McCoy.

Neil Gorton: I wish you were working on my side of the aisle on this one. We were good together.
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: court. Everywhere else, we stunk.
Neil Gorton: [suggestively] Oh, how quickly they forget!
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: [laughing] All right, there too.

"Law & Order: D-Girl (#7.15)" (1997)
Neil Gorton: Nice coat!
A.D.A. Jamie Ross: Thanks! You paid for it!