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Quotes for
Binky Barnes (Character)
from "Arthur" (1996)

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"Arthur: I'm a Poet/The Scare-Your-Pants-Off Club! (#1.28)" (1997)
Binky: [reciting his poem at the poetry reading] People think I can't write a poem, but they are so wrong, I can write a poem. I wrote this one, I wrote this poem, and I gave it the title Binky's poem. So shut up! The end!
Muffy: That's no a poem. He rhymed "poem" with "poem" four times!
Fern Walters: It was great. Yay Binky!

"Arthur: What Scared Sue Ellen?/Clarissa Is Cracked (#3.12)" (1999)
Sue Ellen Armstrong: [Arthur, Buster, Sue Ellen and Binky face their fear of what's in the forestt] Whatever Happens, Don't scream.
Arthur Timothy Read: One for all...
Binky Barnes: And Good for nothing!

"Arthur: Just Desserts/The Big Dig (#5.9)" (2000)
Binky: [tauntingly] Hey, Arthur, nice pants! But where's the flood!

"Arthur: Kids Are from Earth, Parents Are from Pluto/Nerves of Steal (#5.2)" (2000)
Binky Barnes: [after Binky's parents call him pet names at school's open house] They're not my parents... they just look like them
Buster Baxter: ohhh... so the Barnes are aliens too! That explains SO MUCH!

"Arthur: My Club Rules!/Stolen Bike (#1.29)" (1997)
Binky: I founded this club and now I'm de-founding it.

"Arthur: Bully for Binky/Mis-fortune Teller (#1.23)" (1997)
Binky: [singing] The itsy bitsy spider crawled up the Brussels sprout.